Conversion with Social Media – what does it mean to you?

This online world is so, so, so fascinating to me but that’s perhaps because I’m an online addict.� I love networking online just as much as I love networking offline.

But I work to live and not live to work, so there is a bigger purpose to my networking which is identifying opportunities that can create mutual benefit for me and the people I’m networking with.

Lets be honest about this, most people aren’t networking because they have nothing better to do. They are networking for a purpose. My purpose then is to either get connected to people who can influence me and how I work, identify people who may become great alliance partners, and the ultimate is connecting with someone who may become a client.

But I never sell online, I only market. What I mean by that is that I converse with people, discuss topics of interest, put plugs in when I can to let people know what I do, and build the brand that is Nipa Shah by showcasing my thoughts, ideas, and values.

Your purpose may be similar to mine or it may be different. Perhaps you are lonely and you want friendship. Or perhaps you want to learn from others cause you are new in your field of expertise.� Whatever your purpose is, your Social Media strategy should be to create that convert that helps you achieve your purpose or goal for networking online.

Measuring conversions can be tough but it can also be very simple. I measure it simplistically each week by identifying what next steps I can take to connect more closely with a minimum of 2-3 people that I’m networking online with.� Those next steps include email exchanges to schedule conference calls, exchanging emails with details of what I do and learning more about what they do, and the ultimate is meeting people in person to form a networking relationship that is more personal.

So what does conversion mean to you?

So what’s your Twitter Personality?

Of late, perhaps because I spend quite a bit of my free (what?) time on Twitter, I find that Twittermania is growing. I’ve also been observing twittering behavior and have concluded that twitterville is made up of the following seven personality types. But first let me state that the following is not a conclusion based on behaviors exhibited by my followers or whom I follow; it it is based on overall observation of twitter conversations including those of non-followers.

Preachy: Someone who gives advice on the topic of their expertise

Connecty: Someone who genuinely tries to connect people

Influency: Someone who influences follower/following numbers by influencing people as to who should be followed

UsedCarSalesy: Someone who does straight up sales with “buy now” messages

Friendly: Someone who is just there to make friends

Weirdy: Someone who shares weird personal stuff not fit for an online forum

I’mtoobusy: Someone who is too busy to respond to back to messages sent to them

I’mtoogoodforyouy: Someone who wants to network but then really doesn’t want to

So what’s your twitter personality? Can you recommend more?