SMM – How it is changing our lives.

As I logged into my Facebook account the other day, one invite jumped out at me – an invite to become a fan of one of the more popular restaurants around town. Since it also happened to be for a cuisine that our family enjoys, I clicked on the link and became a fan.” I glanced through the threads and found people raving about the food, ambience, décor, music…it went on and on. Most of the posts were complimentary, some were whiny but overall the restaurant sounded pretty good. One of the posts remained stuck in my head – a woman had described the restaurant’s Mud Pie in the most generous manner possible; reading it I could almost taste the delicious chocolate melt in my mouth!

Even though the restaurant was a bit of a drive from home, I dragged my family to the restaurant in question. After dinner, predictably, I ordered THE Mud Pie. And the Mud Pie was everything the woman had described and more.” Licking the last few chocolaty crumbs off the plate, I realized that if I hadn`t checked the link out, I would have missed out on a great restaurant.

And I`m sure I wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

Could there be anything more brilliant? What easier way is there to not only get all your fans to come together on a common platform, but also get them to market your brand for you? Its word-of-mouth, advertising and brand building all packed neatly under one simple concept – social media marketing!

Moreover, it is targeted positioning / advertising at its best. People who know their friends tastes and interests forward these invites, advertisements get filtered according to profiles, and each click on the site is recorded. The costs are minimal and the Return on Investment (ROI) can be perfectly measured.

So isn`t it time for you to stop being apprehensive about this new form of marketing? Jump onto this growing social media marketing phenomenon before you get left behind!

Social Media Marketing – how it impacts business lead generation,visibility and branding.

Social Media Marketing (Facebook, twitter, online networking, social conversations) and how it impacts business lead generation or visibility or branding.

We marketers always worry about reaching the target audience to generate greater exposure for our products and services. Basically, we worry if we will be “at the right place at the right time”.

Social Media Marketing

But today, if you are a marketer, you should be smiling instead of worrying – the fairy tale about kissing the toad is about to come true. The evolving area of online marketing will bring increased traffic and will zoom up your search engine rankings while reaching target audiences. Yes, I am talking about social media marketing, which is fast becoming the holy grail for marketers.

A recent survey supported by the Social Media Success Summit 2009 emphasizes the use of social media websites as a means to increase exposure and traffic, to build new partnerships, to generate qualified leads (sole proprietors being most benefitted by this), and to rise in search engine rankings while reducing overall marketing expenses.

The top social media tools in use are Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook (in that order) but over 50% of the marketers surveyed had ventured into social media marketing only in the last few months.

So listen up marketers, join the Social media bandwagon. Cause if you are targeting business professionals, what better place to let them know about you than on LinkedIn or on business-related blogs and forums? People turn to these when they are desperate and you need to be there when they need you the most!