Cash In On the Squidoo-Google Love-Affair

Squidoo lets you publish information about any and all topics. All you have to do is create a lens (a Squidoo page), which acts as snapshot of whatever you want others to know. Squidoo is a social community where lenses (pages) can be created. If well optimized, this Squidoo page or lens gets much better ranking than other online posting options. The lens is quite flexible i.e. it can be loaded with links, feeds or whatever else you might like to add to it. Squidoo appears to be an extremely simple way for developing online connections.


googlelove-affair squidoo Now what is interesting is that Squidoo and Google appear -appear to have developed a relationship of immense trust with each other. Google misses no opportunity to showcase its affection for Squidoo and thus $10000 cash or payday approved offers, the most competitive rankings to Squidoo lenses.


So how can you benefit from the Google-Squidoo love affair?


Assuming you want to that is! If not, you can stop reading now. But if you do want to take advantage, here`s what I`d recommend:


Create a squidoo lens. I created one for a client and found it was the best investment of time ever. My rankings have improved, the traffic is measurable, AND the ad revenue was a bonus.


The Squidoo format not only allows placement of Adsense -on the lens, but it also enables revenue through product promotion. Indexing of the Squidoo lens is almost instantaneous and there is no upper limit to the number of Squidoo lenses I can have.


Of course all would require significant effort in terms of time commitment. You`ll need to have good content and will need to regularly update the content. Also, you will need to ensure that you remain focused on using keywords which will allow your lens to be optimized and ranked well. Now all this may require effort but wouldn`t it be sweet to reap the benefits of this effort?