Take your blog off BlogSpot now!


Your website is hosted on your company domain name; www.xyz.com.  So why host a blog as a sub-domain on blogspot.com? Easy you say? Well, that’s what I call penny wise and pound foolish.  That’s because by going the “free” & “easy” route, you are missing valuable traffic that could be coming to your domain, instead it’s going to Google. Trust me when I say that Google doesn’t need any more traffic.  So why help Google when you should be helping yourself?


So move your blog off blogspot.com today keeping in mind the following:


1. Transferring blogs & comments may not be easy: Google has several application programming interfaces or API’s to help migrate blogs. However, none of those API’s work as satisfactorily as you’d want them to. One API doesn’t allow you to move comments; another allows partial migration of blogs.


2. Do a 301 Permanent Redirect: The correct way of moving a website or blog from one domain to another is through a “301 permanent redirect”.  In non-technical terms basically you have to set up a new domain to allow you to forward your old blog to a new one.


[It is possible that Google does not let you do a 301 redirect if you’re using a blogspot.com subdomain. In this case, you could be losing your valuable inbound links.]


So, move your blog today. Blogger is free but it is not really free. If you have really good content, you are missing out on traffic that can help you grow yourself, your brand, and your company (if you have one).

Retweet Anyone?


Tweeting is fun, but when someone retweets our tweet we feel “good”. Know why? That’s cause we feel “loved” that someone took the time to share our tweet with their network.  It gives us the warm and fuzzy that someone IS reading what we are saying AND it helps us spread our reach to others on Twitter making our time on Twitter feel worthwhile.


So how does Retweeting or RT’ing work? Why are some tweets retweeted and others not? Here’s my observation based on what makes a tweet RT’able to me:


If it’s a good cause, someone asking for help, someone politely requesting a RT cause they have a need of some kind, I’ll RT their tweets.


1. If someone is constantly sending “Pl. RT” tweets in an effort to God alone knows do what, I won’t RT their tweets.


2.Tweets focusing on health, breaking news, and something relevant to my heritage (Asian Indian), geographic location (Metro Detroit) are what I RT most.


3. I love humorous tweets and so I try to RT ones that are not inappropriate even if they make me chuckle.


4. Ok so you like apples … what about it? Sharing that in a more engaging manner may get you answers but try not to put out random tweets like “what did you eat for dinner, pl. RT” or “what’s your favourite dessert, pl. RT”. They make me go, “really people”?


Here’s what industry pundits seem to have observed about RT’ing:


1. Tweets with Links: Statistics show that tweet that include links get RT’d more. So guess what peeps, use links in your tweets!


2. Use Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis: No, I don’t mean that literally but apparently posts with longer words and more syllables seem to get more visibility. Better start using long words although how you’ll get your message across with only 3 characters out of 140 left over is beyond me.


3. Sound, Look, Act Intellectual: This surprised me but apparently appealing to a higher intellect get more RT love than ones that don’t. So, use your gray cells and post something that makes you sound intelligent (I know you are intelligent but you got to sound err tweet to show that, lol).


4. Be Unique: We already know that content is king and so the “quality” of your tweet content will get you higher RTs. No surprise there, right? So keep your tweets unique, interesting, and creative.


Image Source : lonewolflibrarian.files.wordpress.com

An Ads Way To Chicken With KFC


Interested in lifetime supply of chicken?


KFC has an offer for you!


The company has announced a lifetime supply of chicken for the winner of a special contest. This contest requires preparing a video ad promoting KFC. The advert contest is on MySpace and will include a final round with three finalists, chosen by the company.


Users will vote for the winner and in addition to a lifetime supply of yummy KFC fried foods, the winner also gets to be featured in the ad.


For KFC this ad would cost around $16,000. This is equivalent to 2,600 two-piece meals or a lifetime supply of KFC’s chicken for the winner.


With this contest, we see how companies are beginning to leverage social networking websites and people’s interest in being “featured”.


KFC’s earlier foray into this wasn’t quite successful. Recall when Oprah gave free meal coupons? Apparently the stores didn’t felt like exchanging coupons for food in that earlier attempt.

Making Twitter Work for you! – 2


WeFollow: Though the founder of this is Kevin Rose and there is Digg  behind it, you and others on twitter help create this directory. It is quite simple in fact. Just add by tweeting @wefollow and three #hashtags. The hashtags will give scope for description.


This is pretty simple and I will be using it more regularly.


Just Tweet It: like WeFollow and Twellow, JustTweetIt is another user generated directory. It is a bit more complicated than the above mentioned. However because it has so many profiles, this is not a tool to ignore when you are interested in searching for people.


Haven’t found a use for this one yet but can’t hurt to keep track of it.


Twubble: Twubble follows the “chain” strategy. It believes that if you are following a Mr. A and he in turn is following Mr B, Ms C and Ms D, you’d be interested in Mr. B, Ms.C, etc. Not a bad tool or concept, especially if you believe in the theory of “a friend of a friend is a friend”


I personally think this is pretty creative and it gives us good options of people we may wish to follow.


Twitterel: What if the name search or location search or common interests don’t get you the people you are looking for? There’s another option – keyword search. This directory generates results for specific keywords. Like google alerts, it keeps sending alerts via mail or @reply, whenever it comes across the keywords in tweets.


Simple to use and interesting but can give you a lot of alerts that are not relevant to your need.

Making Twitter Work for you!

Without “tweeps” i.e. people on twitter, Twitter is nothing more than a blank page. A blank page … that doesn’t do anything for you.


So why not find some people on twitter and indulge in interesting conversations with them?



Twitter is a where you can share creative thoughts, spam people with mindless pontifications or discuss business topics. You can catch the news, listen to political viewpoints, see where the best sale is happening, learn who is doing what daily, and talk to people and essentially just feel like the world’s listening to what you have to say.



Staying updated couldn’t get easier than this. Once you get in the twitter flow, the sky’s the limit and the clock on your computer will seem like it’s moving double-time faster.



Twitter tools

Image source: http://smanalytics.wordpress.com/2009/07/01/8-twitter-analytics-tools/



Finding the right kind of people to converse err tweet with is important. Getting the flow going is getting easier and easier with lots of free tools that you can use which we’ve researched and listed here just for you:


Twitter People Search: The fastest starting point is the Twitter’s people search. Here you can do a name search by entering the name of the person you are looking for and twitter will generate matching results. But keep in mind that Twitter does not mandates you or anybody else to fill in their actual names. So chances are high that the person you are looking for is not using the real name and thus is not there in the search results. Another aspect to note here is that there might not be much accompanying information and so you could be lost, especially if it’s a common name.



It’s quite bare bones from my perspective and I rarely use it.


Tweepz: Tweepz is a third party website which allows you to search for people using a number of search criteria like location, followers, bio, etc.



Not a bad site, however when I get around to using it, I’m more interested in reading the various profiles than following people who I find.



TweepSearch: TweepSearch is another third party web site which generates lists of people for your search based on person’s name or location. A username can also be used to search for people on tweepsearch. This site has better search parameters when compared to Tweepz. TweepSearch appears to however crawl a fewer number of profiles.



Not one that I use as much but it can serve a purpose I suppose.



TwitDir: This site is recommended if you are interested in popularity or top twitter lists. Other than that, TwitDir appears to be quite blah! Also like Tweepsearch, when compared to Tweepz, TwitDir searches fewer number of profiles.



I don’t use this website much.


Twellow: If you want to locate those who match your taste and style, category based search at this site is the key. Profiles here are categorized, not per say on your favorite color but on a number of other search criteria. Six million profiles can be searched using this tool and across various categories. An add-on is the local directory called “Twellowhood”.


Interesting concept and I like this site cause it shows so many creative categories.

Facebook Route to Social Marketing – 2


In continuation to my last blog on facebook SMM tips,

5. Don’t ignore the recommendations: Facebook does a lot of spadework when it recommends friends. So don’t ignore that recommendation and initiate the dialogue with these suggested friends.

6. Be careful with the search parameters: on Facebook you can search friends. While attempting to do so, you will be required to put in keywords for your search. The right keyword will make it easier to reach out the target audiences. So use the right keywords like industry or department or location or hobbies and that should get you a well targeted listing.

7. Beyond adding friends: A network does not happens just because you have successfully added 10 names in your friends list. It seeks much more than that. In fact the real challenge begins after the initial legwork. Now you have to get really friendly with people on your friend’s list. This would require following up their activities on Facebook, commenting on the same and thus overtime building trust. Unless this happens, the long list of friends will not really be of much use.

8. Involve one and all: If the fan list is good enough to turn it in to a group, take the next step. Make a group of your target market and indulge all in common discussions. Post articles, submit links, add videos, create virtual events and thus encourage group participation. This however would only happen if your activities are considered useful by your group members, i.e. the content is considered valuable. So be careful with your posts. Lousy approach wouldn’t help for long.

9. Facebook is a continuous process: And so you must go on. This implies that regularly attention must be devoted. You can’t sit back because you’ve added a 100 friends. You have to be regularly involved and thus keep working on the network expansion. Consistency is the key.

Social marketing does not costs much, at least in monetary terms. All it seeks is quality time input. So while you spend on other marketing initiatives, include social marketing in the list as well. Dedicated effort in the direction of internet marketing will reward with excellent results and thus the desired business growth.

Hulu : Will It Storm The Internet Video World?

hulu.JPG youtube.JPG

Hulu is all set to be the new competitor for Youtube. Personally I have always been a great fan of Youtube. Therefore naturally I was curious about its competitor and have watched its progress with great interest. It seems that this video website that made its appearance a few months back has already built up a steady client base and has attracted millions of watchers. But first let me tell you what Hulu is all about.

Hulu is a site that is similar to Youtube and like Youtube it too offers streaming videos. Various videos from TV shows, videos of movies from popular networks like Fox, NBC are featured here. Hulu is a joint venture by the Fox Entertainment Group and the NBC Universal. Apart from NBC and FOX, the funding is also provided by the Providence Equity Partners. They have invested 100 million USD and hold a stake of 19%. ABC, on the other hand, holds 17% of the stakes. At present this site is available only for the people of America.

Now what I find interesting about Hulu is its fast growth. A recent research conducted by the TV Week has revealed that Hulu is all set to be a tough challenge for Youtube. Statistics revealed that in April 2009, Youtube had streamed 5.5 billion streams while Hulu had streamed 373.3 million. Though it may seem that the figures are wide apart, yet one should consider that since April last year, Hulu has grown at an unbelievable 490%. If this rate of growth continues Hulu is all set to catch up Youtube. That definitely is news for me and many other You Tube fans!