Search Engine Optimization Blog: Wondering Why Your Site Isn’t Getting Ranked in Top Search Engine Results but Your Competitors Are?


Well I could spout technical mumbo-jumbo and confuse the heck out of you I can tell you the truth in simple English. Without Search Engine Optimization, there is NO way your website is going to get ranked.

The good news though is that just cause your competitors are getting ranked in top results, doesn't mean they are doing any better. Search Engine rankings are only worthwhile if your website shows up in top results for phrases that people are searching on. Let me repeat that. Search Engine rankings are only worthwhile IF your website shows up in top results for phrases/keywords that people are searching on. Otherwise you can get ranked but no one will be searching for that phrase so no one will come to your website. Capice? 
But for search engine optimization to really work, content is important. Content is king and continues to remain so. If your site is not interesting enough or possess information about what customers are looking for then you are out of luck. 
I see many sites with old content that is dated, "coming soon" signs, and empty pages. Business owners don't seem to realize the value of good, quality, frequently updated content.If your website content doesn't have those qualities, your website is doomed for failure. And if your content isn't updated often, why would visitors come back?
Remember, it's Web 2.0. No, it's not just a buzz word nor is it rocket science stuff. It simply means "interactivity". Interactive content in the form of informational updates, blogs, and press releases is good for the website's positioning and for educating the prospect or customer. Frequent updates are important too. "Coming soon" signs are bad, bad, bad! Get rid of that.

Invest in good, quality, effective content. It's high time you did. It doesn't arm and a leg but it makes or breaks the ability for your website to achieve top positioning in search engine results.

Search Engine Optimization Blog: Why Should I Care About FaceBook, Twitter, or Whatever?

For some business owners, technology is passing them by as they are stuck in marketing meetings, revenue reviews, or whatever other daily to do's of business that ails them.  Or business owners are still waiting and watching to see how new media or digital media will affect them.

Businesses that don't get it, are going to get left behind in the dust. 

Why  you ask?

Cause social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing techniques of the new age. Digital marketing or social media marketing can provide global reach (or local if that's all you need), visibility, and brand awareness, which can catapult your company to new heights, if it is used properly. The quick tidbits posted on twitter hourly or daily and the Facebook posts positioning your brand can benefit your company substantially. Leveraging LinkedIn to connect with movers and shakers and decision makers can help grow your sales pipeline.

Business owners must understand the advantage that marketing on these social networks can bring their company. Not only are the media free to use, their daily usage can bring recognition, visibility and traffic to their company's website.

Business owners struggling to figure this out, beware!
Don't go to your girlfriend's niece because she understands it better than you. Using these services personally and professionally are two totally different things. Marketing your company poorly on a social networking site will get you recognized too, however not in a good way..I might add. 
Knowing how to find the right company to market your website to social networks is important and essential in developing your brand and getting visibility for your company. Millions of people are on these social networks and they're talking about their likes and dislikes and their recommendations……you simply need to tap into these conversations to see what you can do to meet the needs of people seeking your products and services.

Don't get left behind in the dust, the dust of your competition speeding by you that is. Leverage new media, combine it with traditional media techniques, and see how your company's visibility grows online!

Search Engine Optimization Blog: What You Say Online, Stays Online!

Baring all in public is becoming more and more prevalent what with Facebook, Twitter, and other tools being accessible from everywhere including mobile phones and wifi connections that are freely and readily available.
Makes you wonder if anyone cares about online privacy anymore, doesn't it? Well, it's important, so here goes:
Remember, if you say it online, it's public!
You think it's hidden behind your privacy settings. But know that websites get hacked into and your privately shared information can become publicly visible. An agreement between Twitter and the search engines means that tweets are visible in search engine results. And copying and pasting a screen shot for the world to see, by a fictional friend whom you've never met, is a piece of cake. So if it is online, it can just as easily be featured on the front page of the NY Times. 
The Internet doesn't forget.
Yep, it is permanent. You may not realize how what you say today will affect you in the future. But fast forward in your mind 20 years from today and think how you’ll feel if you read something that you posted today. So before you post anything, think if your tweet or Facebook post could potentially cause embarrassment for you or your loved one in the future.
What you say has consequences for others too.

We've read news stories about cyber bullying causing suicides and harassment or potential lawsuits cropping up because someone said something that could harm another.  So think about that before you post how terrible your experience with xyz restaurant was. Or think of the potential for getting sued if you malign someone online. Last but not the least, think about the consequence of you or your loved one getting fired or sued because you said something in the "heat of the moment".

Search Engine Optimization Blog: The Website & Web Marketing Conundrum

"I don't have a budget really, tell me how much will it cost me to get a five page website?".

"Uh, I don't have any money right now, I need to start making money before I can justify spending money on web marketing."
"I've put hundreds of thousands into this business and I really don't have any more money so my budget is around $1000 for getting my website done."
"I've spent thousands on getting my website and on search engine optimization but my website still looks like crap and I've not had any results or any leads even though I was promised results."

Do you see anything wrong with these statements? 

Well, let me tell you MY answers to each one of these statements: 

Why don't you have a budget in mind? You know what you want to spend? Cause the minute I tell you it's going to cost you a minimum of $2500 to get a website, your answer is going to be "oh, that's too high".
Have you heard the saying "You gotta spend some to make some?". Well, that applies to marketing more than anything else. People don't JUST know the "golden arches" or the slogan "just do it". Ask McDonald's and Nike how much money they spent on developing that brand and positioning for themselves. And you can't make money without spending money on marketing because no one knows you or your superior products and services UNTIL you tell them.
You've put hundreds of thousands and you are going to spend a 0.00000000001 percent of that on a website that will drive visibility, branding, and leads 24X7? Enough said?
Uh, ok. So your website looks like crap and you paid for it, why? Why take delivery of a website you don't like, never liked, and don't think meets your needs? And you spent money on marketing that didn't produce results. Did you define what the success goals were? Did you give it time? Did you work with a professional who could show you past experience and credentials or did you spend the money with the next door neighbor's kid's girlfriend who is "good with computers"?
Business owners, understand the value of a professional company doing your website. Understand that $1000 on a website is not the "right price". I'm not saying you have to spend $50,000 or even $10,000. But let a professional company quote you a website that will help you grow your business and will fit your budget.
And as far as web marketing goes, jump on the bandwagon for online marketing now. Cause your competition already has and trust me when I say that you may not even remain standing when the dust settles.

Search Engine Optimization Blog: Don’t look, Your Competition is Racing Ahead!

Facebook is free. So is Twitter. "Build your own websites" are being offered for $10 per month and the next door neighbor's kid's girlfriend can create your website for $500, all of which is profit for her cause she's only 18 and her time's worth squat.
Business owners seem to think that website development and website marketing are non-essential, still! Even in this day and age of the Internet being so dominant, I find companies who don't have a website (doctors are especially notorious for thinking they don't need one) and companies who have websites that were created nine or ten years ago and never been updated. So many business owners tell me "my business is primarily referral driven" or "my primary clients are the auto industry so I don't need a website".

90% of the business owners I come across are looking for the cheapest deal to get their website fixed, redone, or marketed. And there appears to be a misconception among business owners that "new media" means hiring college-age kids who HAVE to be good at managing Facebook and Twitter because "they get it". 
Uh, hello????

  • Is your company lawyer a third-year student in law school?
  • Is your company accountant a kid who just graduated with an accounting degree?
  • Is your PR person (if you have one) a teenager who "kinda sorta knows how to write"?

Why then is your website developer also either your computer troubleshooter, your engineer who kinda sorta knows how to fiddle with the computer, or teenage kid who took a couple of web design classes?
It's BEYOND time that business owners understand the real purpose and value of a website and web marketing.
A website is no longer a static, three to five page brochure that is just put up there cause you need to have a website. A website is a tool to create efficiency in the office. It is a marketing haven for showcasing expertise, satisfied customers, and more. It is also a 24X7sales & marketing person that collects leads for you and tells everyone what you do while you are sleeping or vacationing or doing whatever.

I can go on and on and on and on……

But I'm not going to go on and on. I'm going to give you some pretty solid insight into the case for websites and web marketing.

  • Web marketing IS the MAIN way to market yourself. No, that doesn't mean you get rid of other traditional marketing methods. But your traditional marketing methods MUST BE MARRIED to this new way of marketing, regardless of whether you believe in it or not.

  • Hiring teenagers or college going youths to do your website and or your web marketing is foolish. Not only will it cost you precious time and money, it can potentially damage your company's reputation and brand positioning. 

  • You've invested hundreds of thousands in your business, if not millions. Then why are you so hesitant to invest a fraction of that in your website and your web marketing? Especially when the return is so much greater?

So business owners, it's time to get with the $10000 cash or payday approved program! Cause if you still don't and your competition does, guess what? Yep, you're going to be SOL (So Outta luck)!  If so, see these tenant guarantor loans offers.