An Ads Way To Chicken With KFC


Interested in lifetime supply of chicken?


KFC has an offer for you!


The company has announced a lifetime supply of chicken for the winner of a special contest. This contest requires preparing a video ad promoting KFC. The advert contest is on MySpace and will include a final round with three finalists, chosen by the company.


Users will vote for the winner and in addition to a lifetime supply of yummy KFC fried foods, the winner also gets to be featured in the ad.


For KFC this ad would cost around $16,000. This is equivalent to 2,600 two-piece meals or a lifetime supply of KFC’s chicken for the winner.


With this contest, we see how companies are beginning to leverage social networking websites and people’s interest in being “featured”.


KFC’s earlier foray into this wasn’t quite successful. Recall when Oprah gave free meal coupons? Apparently the stores didn’t felt like exchanging coupons for food in that earlier attempt.

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