Apple buying twitter ?

If you`ve been off the planet for the past two years, Twitter is a “Social Networking” tool which has grown from nothing to 25 million plus visitors and counting. I`ve discussed in previous blogs but just to summarize,

Apple buying twitter Apple buying twitter
Twitter is free, allows you to post an answer to the question “what are you doing” and only allows you to limit your answer to 140 characters. With more and more people joining and letting others know about “what they are doing”, has become of the most popular social networking tools out there. At least it is one of my favorite social networking websites immediately after Facebook.

The reason I`m pontificating about this is that last week the rumor mill was active with rumors of Apple`s interest in buying Twitter for $700 M. Geez, even if it this is a rumor, $700M made me go, “WHAT”?

Even though I love social networking on and have really enjoyed using it, I have along with others wondered where Twitter is headed. But as much fun as it is and as many users that it has, I fail to see anyone paying $700M for it.

I realize that there is power in having access to millions of users to market to. I also realize that monetizing is a foregone conclusion.

But even if Twitter’s growth has been phenomenal, especially after Ashton Kutcher and Oprah brought it in the limelight in mid-April, is worth $700M?

It just boggles my mind that any company, no matter how successful it is, would consider spending its reserve cash in these times of severe, GLOBAL economic depression.

Will Apple make an offer? We`ll find out soon enough I guess. But even if Apple makes an offer, will Twitter CEO Evan Williams accept that offer? Remember, recently he turned down Google`s offer to buy Twitter. I mean who turns down Google, right? Don`t they own “Earth”? LOL. And if Google can be told to take a hike, does Apple really have a chance at buying

But then the million dollar question that begs being asked right now is, what exactly does CEO Evan Williams want to do with

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