ARE you Bing’ing it now or still Googling?


What do you think would happen if you walked into a meeting and said “I binged it and found out…..”?


You went to a prospective customer meeting and the customer wanted to know how good you were, in the olden days (until a month or two ago), you’d have said, “Please go ahead and Google me”. Now though, what would your prospective customer do if you said “Please go ahead and Bing me”!

Don’t you just love Microsoft for coming out with BING? Could their team have come up with a better name than something that is innocuous but that sounds positively “not innocent”? (Call me unimaginative but that’s the best way I could describe it.)

To be honest, I’ve not made the switch yet. No, no, I don’t hate Microsoft like all of you do; I just haven’t taken the time to check Bing out yet. Once in a while I’ll take a quick look and then revert right back to my habitual process of Googling everything.

How about you?

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