Social Media Blog: Be careful who you Facebook Friend!

At every workshop and every speaking engagement, I stress the need for being very careful when posting content on popular social media websites. My favorite slide is the one that shows a person in jail and has the caption "what you say can put you in jail or make you unemployed".

Today I read about a Seattle fugitive who got apprehended because of his mistake of befriending a judge on Facebook. This fugitive fled to Mexico after pulling off a $200K bank fraud. He met someone at a bar in Mexico and befriended him without knowing that the new "friend" was a former US department employee. Federal agents found him when they found the ex-US department employee on his Facebook page. You see, even though the fugitive had made his Facebook page "private", his "friends list" was available to the public for viewing. Long story short, the federal agents contacted the ex-US department employee who cooperated and provided details which led to the fugitive's arrest. He's now spending time in jail, facing up to 30 years in prison.

Stupid??? Yaaaa aaa!

So the moral of the story isn't just "be careful whom you befriend of Facebook". It's also:

Be careful what you say to whom and where! Social networking sites are meant for networking. They are NOT meant for baring your soul and sharing every detail of your life (especially yucky are announcements about bathroom breaks, burps, throw-ups, hang-overs, etc.). And they certainly are NOT meant for you if you have committed a crime and are trying to avoid prosecution.

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