Social Media Blog: Billions lost in productivity from Social Media (Twitter & Facebook) Usage

A recent study in U.K. has shown that there’s a huge impact on productivity (or lack thereof) when employees use Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites while at work.
London-based Morse PLC, an IT services and technology company surveyed 1,460 office workers and found that 57% use social networking while at work, but not for work. Yep, they confessed that they were using social networks for personal reasons at least 40 minutes per day.
Another study conducted by Robert Half Technology, an IT staffing firm, showed that 54% of US companies have banned sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Myspace.
So here’s my devil’s advocate viewpoint on this:  

  • Say a cigarette smoker spends 10 minutes on each cigarette break. If you assume conservatively that they are taking an average of three cigarette breaks a day; that’s 30 minutes per day on cigarette smoking.
  • How many coffee and water-cooler breaks do employees take in a given day? Again, conservatively let’s assume three breaks for 10 minutes each, which equates to another 30 minutes.
  • What if the cigarette smoker is also the one taking coffee breaks?

But I won’t go there! You get the point.

But what if….. 

  • What if companies educate and train each and every one of their employees to become brand promoters on the various social networks?
  • What if every employee is empowered to spend NO more than one hour online every single day with the mission to promote the brand of the company they work for?

Radical thinking? Not So! Remember what Social Media gives us; the power of the people?
Well, corporate decision makers; think of the power of 300 employees tweeting POSITIVELY about your brand, services, and / or products? Or 3000 employees who visit their Facebook page also rave about how fun it is to work for xyz company?

Yes, it would require some coordination; ok I admit; it will require a lot of coordination. And yes, it will require hand-slapping those who don’t toe the line. But overall; this is NOT MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!
(Oh and do call me if/when you need help implementing this strategy. I can help, promise!) 

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