Blog on your own site, not outside your site!

A client was recently advised by her peers that she should remove the blog utility (WordPress) from her main site and blog on or an external blog portal. The client mind you is an attorney. She was told that a website should be "static" and not have any interactivity in it.

Where are these people residing? Hellllllo!
Web 2.0 means interactivity. The days of static, one-way websites are LONG GONE! Creating engaging content in the form of audio podcasts, video, and blogging are the in-trends.

Blogging by the way is one of the fastest ways to bring visibility to your site. That’s because blogging creates new content for your website. The more you blog, the more content you are generating.Since search engines like Google love content, they immediately index (visit and load page to their database) the page that has the new content in it. Of course when you blog, always remember that quality content is important. Blogging regularly and ensuring that your blog has relevancy to your business is also very important. (For e.g. if you are a lawyer, don’t write about trends in fashion on your business site because that’s not relevant; unless you can come up with an angle on suing people when they don’t follow the guidelines of the fashion police).

Doesn’t that sound logical?

Now if you blog OUTSIDE your own website, you miss out on the traffic, branding, and visibility because the pages that are getting indexed are not in your site, the traffic coming to your blog is not coming to your site which could use the traffic, and overall you don’t get the visibility that you deserve. Remember, Blogger (Google) doesn’t need any more visibility or traffic. They own Earth (Google Earth, lol)!
So my advise to all business owners out there is please, please, please, be careful to when taking advise from others who are not experts in this field. Not everyone knows what’s happening in the online marketing world. There are many who claim to know the latest trends but they only know enough to be dangerous and may not have the expertise that you are seeking>

Do your research online, there’s a lot of material available if you just want to separate the false from the correct information.

OR, talk to experienced marketing professionals like the ones we have in Jenesys Group; I promise, we won’t lead you astray!

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