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Search Engine Marketing Blog: Facebook-nama

Here are some interesting tidbits which have been published by others and collated by me. Sort of like a mini Facebook-nama (remember Shah-nama where the stories were collected but not invented by the author). So here goes:

  1. Corporate which uses Facebook the MOST: Microsoft. This is based on their frequency of posting and number of employees
  2. Amazon, ebay, Google, and Walt Disney round up the top five users – (Credit: NetProspex)
  3. Loss of productivity in the workplace due to Facebook is estimated at approximately 1.5%. If you are an employee, you're thinking "ah, that's a small number" but not when you calculate the sum total of say even 1000 employees.
  4. If you are searching for a job, better to be on Facebook than on LinkedIn because apparently that's more used for researching candidates than LinkedIn is! Surprised?  (Guess what this means to you if you are posting videos and pictures that are oh not-so-kosher? Yep, loss of a job interview cause hiring managers absolutely do not want to see you drinking in your undies at a party and boasting of a DUI; although your qualifications may be top-notch)
  5. Over one-fifth of Facebook's 500 million users access Facebook through their mobile devices including yours truly.
  6. There are over 1.5 million corporate profiles or pages on Facebook.
  7. Greater than 13% of US traffic to portals like Yahoo, AOL, and Bing comes from Facebook
  8. Average time spent by consumers on Facebook? 40 minutes per consumer per day.
  9. Average time spent by people on Facebook in a given month? 700 billion minutes!
  10. US brands, this is perhaps the MOST important statistic for you. US Facebook user number? Approximately 166 million people.

So, if you are a US brand and you aren't awed yet by the number of users, amount of time spent, and the reach you get with Facebook, call me so that I can pontificate some more about the rest of the social networks and WHY you need to be online NOW!

Search Engine Marketing Blog: What’s the point with Facebook Places?

My Facebook status shows my around the world "friends" checking in from Costco, Singapore airport, some bar and grill, etc. etc. I am then totally apprised of what they are up to.

I'm sure you heard about Facebook Places. And f you are a savvy social networker and an iphone user, you've probably already used Facebook Places. If you use your iphone app to access Facebook, a new option for "Places" will be presented to you. You can choose from a various venues presented to you and "check in".

Friends can check you in too, assuming you've agreed to use the service. Or you can say prevent friends from checking you in or disabling that feature completely. Each time a friend checks you in, you'll get notified.

So what's the point of all this "Check-In" activity?

Well, from a Facebook perspective, Facebook wants you to share everything. Who knows what else they'll come up with so that more and more "sharing" happens, lol.
And from a "marketing" perspective, this is great information right? People are sharing information and using the site and there's data galore available to figure out preferences by gender, age, etc. For business owners, leveraging the power of Facebook to promote their company's offerings to people who'll tell people who'll tell people.

So are you ready?

Search Engine Marketing Blog: Why Oh Why?? (Are you “baring all” on Social Networking Websites?)

Three men were arrested recently for robbing 18 homes in the New Hampshire and getting away with $200,000 in personal property. The police didn't realize that the robberies and the three men were connected.

Finally they were able to figure out that every victim of these robberies had posted a status message on their Facebook page letting everyone now of their business or vacation travel plans. The told their fans that they were going to be out of town for several days and of course their profiles were not protected.

Although I want to say Uh, DUH!, I know that I've made that mistake once in the past by posting my family's vacation plans on Facebook. Fortunately for me at least my Facebook privacy settings prevented others from viewing my status updates and perhaps it was dumb luck that we didn't get robbed.

It is so important not to "bare all" on social networks even though it is so tempting to and done more than we all realize. From showcasing our personal likes and dislikes to giving out information that makes us a target for criminals, we all tend to make such mistakes. But just like we are vigilante about our emails and our online transactions now, it's time to wise up and start thinking "safe" when posting anything to social networks. Sometimes it's involuntary because we want to tell people how much fun we are having while on vacation but why not wait until you return home to showcase your vacation fun?

I always say, be careful what you say online. If what you say can lead to unemployment, jail or becoming a victim, don't do it.
P.S. Perhaps I should invent a "does it need to be said" button as a third-party app that pops up each time a user posts a status update and offer it to Facebook???

Search Engine Marketing Blog: Facebook Places – The new way to reach your audience

When you have something that’s being used by half a billion people, it’s bound to have a huge immediate impact. So can your business when it is featured on your Place Page.
Facebook Places is a smart-phone location check-in feature that will allow you to share your location, find the location of your friends, and discover new places based on other Facebook user recommendations – much like Loopt, Foursquare and Yelp! provide.
Facebook Places has exploded as a habitual way of connecting. With people migrating their location check-ins to the network where they spend most of their time already – Facebook, it is a suite of advertising tools that provides you a way to list, claim and advertise your business.
You can grab your friend’s attention to your Place page by adding a story about your place page that talks all about your business on your profile. Data that you can collect on users and amount of times they check in will prove extremely valuable in tracking customers and advertising spend. What this means is that the customer that comes in every day can now be tracked and even incentivized to get a free gift for every tenth check-in. It’s like the digital/social version of the loyalty card.
 And more so, people are talking and telling others about your business therefore this has the potential for generating new referrals!
Offering coupons and special offers for people who check in is a natural way to tap the power of using online tools to drive offline sales. You can also make this more appealing and catchy by creating polls and inviting comments about your business. You can reward those who bring potential customers to your place page or share their experience with your business by offering them exclusive discounts or special offers.
All in all, Facebook Places is here to stay and I predict that advertisers will start becoming creative for leveraging Facebook Places.

Online Marketing Blog: Facebook Continues Enhancements

Facebook could release updates to services within the next several weeks that would allow its more than 500 million members to personalize offerings from news feeds to business and location-based applications, according to sources.

Third-party companies involved with the latest update have been told to have their application programming interface (API) integration ready to go by Aug. 19.
Third-party developers say the API will provide deeper integration through a one log-in toggle that takes members across a variety of applications, similar to Google's OpenID API that allows users to sign in to third-party Web sites using their Google Apps user account.
The ability to seamlessly move from one application to another also provides a clear path for advertisers to target ads. The integration would also fortify Facebook's search feature. The app will likely provide advertisers and companies that have Fan pages on the site with a little extra zing. The services will offer more than a geo-location check-in feature similar to Foursquare.

Internet Marketing Promotion Blog: Do you like the Twitter Facebook App??

Ok so on Twitter, of course I'm following more strangers than I'm following friends. Maybe because some of my friends aren't on Twitter. Maybe because I don't want to follow friends on Twitter, I want to follow others who will become friends. But Twitter seems to think that instead of following strangers, people will find tweeting more fun if they can find their friends on Twitter. So they added a Find Friends feature which allows you to find Facebook and LinkedIn friends to Twitter.

You can find which of your friends are on Twitter using the Twitter Facebook. You can follow them instantly or add them to a list. Of course you can also post tweets directly to Facebook's pages when posting to your Twitter profile.

Twitter LinkedIn shows you which of your Linkedin connections are on Twitter. You can follow them and also post tweets on Linkedin.

Ok so! If you are my friend, now I can be your friend also on Facebook, and connect on LinkedIn, AND follow you on Twitter.

Uh but why do I NEED to connect with my same friend everywhere???

Social Media Blog: Social Networking is Social Brandcasting!

I call Social Networking, Social Brandcasting. Brandcasting means simply “casting” your brand out there in the social networks, period!

However many businesses are still not able to see the value of Brandcasting.

Brandcasting on Social Networks has the following key benefits
•    You can reach more people through popular sites like Facebook & Twitter due to the sheer volume of users each of them has

•    You can continuously promote your services and company events without spending any money on printing collateral, direct mail pieces, etc.

(Note: Although social networks are “free”, social networking is not free, but that’s a topic for another blog)

•    You can brag about yourself and your products or services and no one will think less of you.
You can do "horizontal" brandcasting which is to everyone and everywhere across the board, same message, same positioning. In horizontal brandcasting, you would use common messaging to promote generic messages about your brand or products and services.

Then you can do the "vertical" brandcasting where you position different messages on different platforms. In vertical brandcasting, you use different methodologies to reach different audiences. You may choose to reach a specific age demographic or you may target market using geographic area, etc.

The other important aspect of Brandcasting is the need to balance quantity (number of followers, fans, connections) with quality (what you say, how you say, and the persona you create of yourself or your company online, etc.). Quantity AND quality matter and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Brandcasting is a powerful strategy and social networks are the vehicle for executing that strategy to get visibility for your company or products and services. Isn’t it time you got started on your Brandcasting campaigns?


Social Media Blog: Why Search Engine Optimization And Social Media Marketing Go Hand-in-Hand!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means preparing your website for Search Engines. With Search Engine Optimization,a company website can be found in the "organic" or non-paid rankings of search engine results for various keywords. Not all keywords will result in your website being on the 1st or 2nd page of leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

I say that a website without Search Engine Optimization is like a car without gasoline. It's dead in the middle of the Internet superhighway, going nowhere, bringing no one to it, and doing nothing of much. When a website is optimized, it becomes the gasoline that allows the website to run on the world wide web.
Social Media Marketing on the other hand is a strategy used to share content, invite interactions, and communicate key messages about your company to get visibility. With Social Media Marketing you get a "buzz". Popular websites like Facebook and Twitter allow quick sharing of content which drives traffic and brand visibility.
To get succesful online, you cannot choose one or the other. When done properly, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing can help you maximize your online investment and increase your visibility.

Businesses doing only one or not doing anything with their websites have no chance of being found.

Social Media Blog: Should your business choose between Facebook and Twitter?

Business owners ask me which is better; Facebook or Twitter. I tell them that ideally they need to be on both. Here are the top three reasons your business needs both, Facebook and Twitter:

  • Very good viral marketing tool
  • Allows you to quickly share information
  • Content can be found in Google's search results
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Drives traffic to website when links are used
  • Distributes time-sensitive information fast and furious


  • Good for brand recognition, especially for recognized
  • Allows sharing a variety of content including photos,  links, videos, and more
  • Allows large number of followers and fans to market product and services.

A presence on both networks allows you to optimize your online presence. Don't settle for one or the other. Leverage both; Twitter and Facebook to get the biggest bang for your marketing dollars.

Social Media Blog: Get ready to leverage Social Networks like Twitter. It’s way past time if you aren’t leveraging social media marketing strategies to grow your business.

So Twitter's growing and recent statistics show that over 60 percent of Twitter registered accounts are from outside the US. Not surprising if you've been playing on Twitter and have seen the growth in your own non-US followers.

In addition to the fact that Twitter is available in several languages such asFrench, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish, I think that it's growth can be attributed to it's simplicity and accessibility.
If you are a US business owner, you are wondering how this can help you if over 60% Twitter users are outside your "target" market.
So then let's take a look at the numbers.


  1. Twitter has 50,000,000 (50 million) users
  2. Twitter has ~ 60% users outside of the US so US based Twitter users = ~ 20,000,000 (20 million)
  3. Twitter's active users are approximately 21% so US active* Twitter users = ~ 4,200,000 (4.2 million)
    *Active users are those who follow at least 10 people, have 10 followers, and have at least tweeted 10 times

Based on the above assumptions as a US business owner, you have access to 4.2 million users through Twitter. Agreed that every state has a different number of Twitter users.

But let's just assume that each state had an equal number of Twitter users.

That means that if you want a "local" audience, you have access to 84,000 Twitter users in your state alone. Drill that down further and especially if you are in a metro-area, you can safely assume that your audience is at least 50% of the 84,000.

Now think about how much money you are spending on the "local" yellow pages, direct mail, and local advertising campaigns. Then compare the "cost" of those traditional methods and then compare the cost of doing online marketing using experts (like us).

Have you arrived at the same conclusion that Ford, Dell, and other companies have arrived at?

It's a fact! Social networks provide GREATER REACH at LOWER COST.

It's time to move beyond the excuses like "no-time", "no-money", "no-skills" and it's time to outsource your social media campaigns to companies like ours who provide hassle-free management, lower cost implementation, and results. We've got your Internet Marketing needs understood and have finessed solutions that work.