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Search Engine Marketing Blog: Productivity Away from Office With Desktop Connect Mobile App

Working remotely or traveling a lot and hate the fact that you can't get access to the files you need? Well, check out the ipad app known as Desktop Connect. Desktop Connect allows you to access files when you are out of the office and works on  Windows, Mac and Linux.

The initial set-up allows you to replicate the host computer on the ipad by connecting to it via a Virtual Network Computing software. By lowering the resolution on the ipad, the entire desktop fits the ipad screen. You can't download the files, you can only view and save as a screenshot.

Desktop Connect uses password protection and 128-bit encryption to ensure data is safe and costs only $14.99.

Search Engine Marketing Blog: Cool presentation software for ipad users

Well, here's an ipad app that will make it easy for you to create and present your work to small or large groups. The app is called Keynote and it is a presentation app which allows you to create presentations on the ipad.

You can scroll through your slides, add new slides, and reposition one or multiple slides. You can also drag and drop photos, movie files, charts, and tables into your presentation.

Want do razzle-dazzle your audience? You can add animation and cinema-like effects. Your audience is sure to be impressed with the high-resolution display.

Have a slightly larger group which can fit around your table to view your presentation? Buy an ipad Dock Connector to VGA adapter and connect the ipad to a television or projector to display your presentation on a bigger screen..

Best part – with Keynote, you can open not just keynote files but also PowerPoint files. Not only that, you can send the file from your ipad to your Mac or PC as either Keynote, PowerPoint, or pdf documents.

I love it!!! Ain't technology just great???