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Search Engine Optimization Blog: What You Say Online, Stays Online!

Baring all in public is becoming more and more prevalent what with Facebook, Twitter, and other tools being accessible from everywhere including mobile phones and wifi connections that are freely and readily available.
Makes you wonder if anyone cares about online privacy anymore, doesn't it? Well, it's important, so here goes:
Remember, if you say it online, it's public!
You think it's hidden behind your privacy settings. But know that websites get hacked into and your privately shared information can become publicly visible. An agreement between Twitter and the search engines means that tweets are visible in search engine results. And copying and pasting a screen shot for the world to see, by a fictional friend whom you've never met, is a piece of cake. So if it is online, it can just as easily be featured on the front page of the NY Times. 
The Internet doesn't forget.
Yep, it is permanent. You may not realize how what you say today will affect you in the future. But fast forward in your mind 20 years from today and think how you’ll feel if you read something that you posted today. So before you post anything, think if your tweet or Facebook post could potentially cause embarrassment for you or your loved one in the future.
What you say has consequences for others too.

We've read news stories about cyber bullying causing suicides and harassment or potential lawsuits cropping up because someone said something that could harm another.  So think about that before you post how terrible your experience with xyz restaurant was. Or think of the potential for getting sued if you malign someone online. Last but not the least, think about the consequence of you or your loved one getting fired or sued because you said something in the "heat of the moment".

Social Media Blog: Integrating Social Media Strategy With Public Relations Strategy

Reporters love social media just as much as you and I do. Yep, a recent study conducted at the George Washington University showed that reporters are relying on social media sources when researching stories. 89% of surveyed reporters said that they use blogs for story research, 65% depend on Facebook and LinkedIn, and over 50% rely on sites like Twitter.

The logical step then for all business owners is to integrate their Public Relations strategy with their Social Media strategy.

Although reporters aren't going to simply rely on social networks for their stories, given that they are looking there means that your business needs to be there. Half the battle is won when you simply show up on social networks. The rest depends on how well you leverage the social networks to promote and brand your company and its products and/or services.
A comprehensive strategy is one in which all facets of marketing are covered. When implementing your social media strategy, to get a bigger bang for your buck, remember to integrate public relations with social networking.