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Internet Marketing Promotion Blog: Search Engine Optimization Industry Challenges

A new client who came on board last week had the following challenges with their ex-web provider:

  • Received a BEAUTIFUL but disorganized website with information plopped in here and there and everywhere
  • Believed that their search engine optimization was being handled but received no rankings or ranking reports to demonstrate performance
  • Paid for paid marketing campaigns (PPC) but never received any reports showing keyword performance or ROI

I find all this quite perplexing. As a search engine marketing company owner, I know very well that what we sell is considered "loosy-goosy" because the client is not getting a physical product for their money. We sell marketing know-how essentially and the only tangible products we can offer are reports demonstrating performance of the campaign.
We have a tough time selling our solutions and know-how to begin with. But it becomes difficult when we have to prove that we are better than the last guy / gal who promised all the same things and never delivered. 
Come to think of it, I think others should keep non-performing! That way companies like mine can come in and demonstrate search engine marketing results that are tangible!

Social Media Blog: Why Search Engine Optimization And Social Media Marketing Go Hand-in-Hand!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means preparing your website for Search Engines. With Search Engine Optimization,a company website can be found in the "organic" or non-paid rankings of search engine results for various keywords. Not all keywords will result in your website being on the 1st or 2nd page of leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

I say that a website without Search Engine Optimization is like a car without gasoline. It's dead in the middle of the Internet superhighway, going nowhere, bringing no one to it, and doing nothing of much. When a website is optimized, it becomes the gasoline that allows the website to run on the world wide web.
Social Media Marketing on the other hand is a strategy used to share content, invite interactions, and communicate key messages about your company to get visibility. With Social Media Marketing you get a "buzz". Popular websites like Facebook and Twitter allow quick sharing of content which drives traffic and brand visibility.
To get succesful online, you cannot choose one or the other. When done properly, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing can help you maximize your online investment and increase your visibility.

Businesses doing only one or not doing anything with their websites have no chance of being found.

Social Media Blog: Get ready to leverage Social Networks like Twitter. It’s way past time if you aren’t leveraging social media marketing strategies to grow your business.

So Twitter's growing and recent statistics show that over 60 percent of Twitter registered accounts are from outside the US. Not surprising if you've been playing on Twitter and have seen the growth in your own non-US followers.

In addition to the fact that Twitter is available in several languages such asFrench, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish, I think that it's growth can be attributed to it's simplicity and accessibility.
If you are a US business owner, you are wondering how this can help you if over 60% Twitter users are outside your "target" market.
So then let's take a look at the numbers.


  1. Twitter has 50,000,000 (50 million) users
  2. Twitter has ~ 60% users outside of the US so US based Twitter users = ~ 20,000,000 (20 million)
  3. Twitter's active users are approximately 21% so US active* Twitter users = ~ 4,200,000 (4.2 million)
    *Active users are those who follow at least 10 people, have 10 followers, and have at least tweeted 10 times

Based on the above assumptions as a US business owner, you have access to 4.2 million users through Twitter. Agreed that every state has a different number of Twitter users.

But let's just assume that each state had an equal number of Twitter users.

That means that if you want a "local" audience, you have access to 84,000 Twitter users in your state alone. Drill that down further and especially if you are in a metro-area, you can safely assume that your audience is at least 50% of the 84,000.

Now think about how much money you are spending on the "local" yellow pages, direct mail, and local advertising campaigns. Then compare the "cost" of those traditional methods and then compare the cost of doing online marketing using experts (like us).

Have you arrived at the same conclusion that Ford, Dell, and other companies have arrived at?

It's a fact! Social networks provide GREATER REACH at LOWER COST.

It's time to move beyond the excuses like "no-time", "no-money", "no-skills" and it's time to outsource your social media campaigns to companies like ours who provide hassle-free management, lower cost implementation, and results. We've got your Internet Marketing needs understood and have finessed solutions that work.


Return on Investment in Online Marketing – Is it different when measurinig ROI Online?

I’ve recently started a “Lunch & Learn” series to connect with marketing department heads and decision makers at larger companies who may wish to learn more about online marketing and social media marketing. The thought process being “if the mountain won’t come to Mohammad….”. We’ve already done two such Lunch & Learn sessions thus far and have another one scheduled for this week.

Ok, so that means that there’s interest, right? It’s not the pizza that I treat them to that’s making them invite me; they appear to be genuinely interested in learning about Social Media Marketing.

But as much as I love to talk about how to use social media websites and why content continues to be “King” when it comes to search engines, one concept that I attempt to drive home is figuring out ROI in marketing, especially online marketing. If a company cannot get more traffic, build or create a brand, convert some of the traffic/leads, or benefit in any measurable way, then there is no point in implementing an online marketing campaign. They might as well advertise in the physical yellow pages and use them as door stoppers. Ok, I’m joking about the yellow pages directories being door stoppers but you get my point?

Return on Investment (RO) can be measured when marketing online, even for service based companies. The measurement may be different than when measuring ROI in the form of walk-in traffic or when someone makes an online purchase through an ecommerce site, but it is feasible.

So here’s the bottom line for all those out there who are hungry to learn more about and implement online marketing. Make sure that when it comes to implementing online marketing campaigns for your business, you also set up some key measurement goals to evaluate success or lack there of, of your marketing campaign.

Because if you can’t measure it or don’t know how to, why bother! There are other ways to burn money, lol!

Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website is similar to driving directions for a car driver!

I believe that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to a website what a map (or driving directions) is to a car driver. Let me explain.

If you are driving from Michigan to Florida, even without a map, you’ll eventually get there! It will take you longer; with lots of stops to ask for directions, turning around due to wrong turns you may end up taking, getting stuck in long traffic backups due to construction, and taking a longer path because you just don’t know the short-cuts that can shorten the trip to your destination. So, like I said, you will get there! It just will take longer than you expected, may cost you more than originally planned, and will leave you with frustration over a long and tiring trip. (Now if you enjoy wandering around and in general taking three times as long to get somewhere, then this analogy becomes pointless, :)).

Similarly then, without Search Engine Optimization, your website may eventually get ranked in search engines. But like the driver without a map (or directions), your website may take years to get any kind of placement in search engines. If that happens, you will also have a lost opportunity cost from not making it in front of the customers who were searching for what you sell and thus losing out to your competition that does show up. Lastly without Search Engine Optimization, you will have to spend more money on offline and online marketing (pay per click, banner ads, etc.) to generate visibility for your online presence.

And if you end up getting the wrong directions (as in, getting an SEO practitioner who really isn’t an SEO practitioner), then beware! This will result in you spinning your wheels even longer, thus leading to more frustration not to mention loss of productivity and potential revenue.

As you create your 2009 business plan, do set aside a budget for Search Engine Optimization, identify a Search Engine Optimization expert who knows what he/she is doing, and get on the world wide web with a set of driving directions (as in Search Engine Optimization!) that will get you in front of searching customers, lots of targeted traffic, and a ton of conversions in the form of clients.

Here’s to your success in 2009!