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Online Marketing Blog: Facebook’s been Twitterized!!!

They are calling Facebook’s new feature “Happening Now,” but it looks, acts and functions exactly like Twitter. The only difference I can see is that it’s on Facebook.

Experts say it’s an attempt to launch Facebook into real-time. And, although the Facebook community remains on the fence about this change, business owners are starting to see the advantage.

This is because Happening Now is geared towards “in the moment” things. It’s taking the appeal of Twitter and putting it on Facebook. The result is that businesses can now base the construction their response by a customer’s location.

Not following? Completely understandable as this is not Facebook’s normal thing. Let me break it down for you.

Say Bill is a friend of a restaurant’s Facebook. He eats a meal at the restaurant and likes it so much that he posts a good review to Happening Now. Because the new tool is in real time, the restaurant can automatically see Bill’s praise. The restaurant can choose to take further marketing action now. For example, they can send Bill a coupon via Happening Now for 20 percent off his desert.

Are we starting to see the appeal?

The only argument against Happening Now is that Facebook is not Twitter. And, if Facebook users wanted real-time, they would be tweeting instead of posting. Regardless of this response, it seems Happening Now is here to stay.

And if Facebook can convince its users that <a style="text-decoration: none" href=""><font color="#555555">tinder app</font></a> Happening Now is really the place to be, results could be dire for Twitter.

Online Marketing Blog: France Bans Twitter & Facebook Mention – Fair or Not?

How many times have you told someone to find you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter? Countless, right? Because that’s how we communicate these days. It’s normal.

The idea that someone prohibited us from saying that is ridiculous. But that is exactly what the French government is doing its citizens. Because as of June 6, 2011 –the words “Twitter” and “Facebook” will be officially banned on French media.
Why? They say they are doing this to be fair. One spokeswoman for France’s Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel (CSA) said that all this usage of “Twitter” and “Facebook” has given the social networks an advantage against the millions of others sites that are struggling for recognition.
But when has preference stopped competitors from springing up? I pretty sure many of you reach for a tissue while simultaneously calling it a Kleenex. And, as far as I know, that hasn’t stopped the tissue industry from growing.

What I mean is that, whether one likes it or not, Twitter and Facebook are the big dogs and the trendsetters. If another network like Twitter appears, I guarantee we will still think of it as tweeting. They are intertwined in our lives like that.

Banning the words, regardless of what one thinks, won’t make Facebook and Twitter go away. Right? Right?

Social Media Blog: The Information Superhighway that Rivals the Billboards on the Freeway!

We'd all be on billboards seen on the major freeways in our town!

Yes, we would. If we could afford it that is.

Most of us smaller businesses can only dream of being on those big, beautiful billboards being visible to the millions of people driving down the major freeway. We all want everyone to know what we do, who we are, what we sell. Right?

But wait! There's another freeway known as the information superhighway or the Internet as we call it. It offers you Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social sites to make sure that you get an even better reach than that billboard you so covet.
Today’s online business world is all about creating a buzz around your brand and getting better connected with prospects and customers. By appealing to their interests and interacting with them, your company has a much greater chance of driving prospects to your site.

Stop casting a wide net of spam and advertisements that rarely provide the necessary Return on Investment (ROI). Use tools like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to shorten your sales cycle, build credibility, and convey what your customers want to hear. With just one 140 character tweet or with just one Facebook post, you can reach millions. Billboards on the other hand can only be seen by the few thousand who drive up and down that area each day.

Social media is here to stay. You can hide from it for a while, but you can't run from it forever. And if you haven't checked lately, check what your competition is doing online. If they've already leap-frogged you, there's your first worry. If they haven't, there's your first step. Call us either way and we'll make sure you stay abreast and get ahead of your competition!

It's time to get social. It's time to go gangbusters online. What are you waiting for again?

Social Media Marketing Blog: Is a Website a Cost or an Investment?

Small business owners are often faced with a number costs necessary to run their business. If these costs are not managed properly, the business and the owner(s) can be bankrupt before the business really gets off the ground. The biggest advantage a small business owner can have is an investment in a website to promote their product or service.

Reach Local or Global Customers
A quality website is the way to showcase your products and services. Regardless of whether your customers are local or global, your website is the best way to reach them. A well-created, aesthetically appealing, and functional website is especially important for small businesses because it is the most cost-effective marketing tool available to them.

Credibility and Visibility
Small businesses can maximize their business visibility with a comprehensive Internet strategy. Even if your services aren’t bought online, customers use the Internet to research what they are interested in buying. Regardless of the type of business you are in, your customers are researching and looking for you.

A well-designed and navigation-friendly website can also enhance your credibility. Customers can review testimonials, company information and your product or services portfolio to make an informed decision.

Brand awareness
By leveraging social networks like Facebook and Twitter, a company can gain brand awareness. Brand awareness results in more credibility for your company and will eventually drive leads and customers to you. By interacting with prospects with buy soundcloud plays agency and customers on social networks, you will build relationships that will also enhance your brand awareness.

When prospects tell me that they can’t “afford a website” or “can’t afford monthly marketing”, I wonder at their seriousness about being in business. Let’s face it. Digital (Internet) marketing is here to stay. You may hide but you can’t run from it. If you aren’t on social networks or marketing your website on search engines, how do you expect to remain viable? Look around you and check out your competitors online. Do they have a leg on you in terms of online visibility? If they don’t, that’s all the more reason to get online and leap-frog them by carving out your place in the big, competitive web world. If they do, what are you waiting for? You should’ve been online yesterday!

A website is an investment. Website marketing is “protecting your investment” and “growing your business”.


Social Media Marketing Blog: And Now On to “Social Revolution”???

The turmoil of Egypt is being heavily broadcast and relevant in the news. This civilian led revolution became more visible with the invention of social media sites including Twitter and Facebook. On January 25th, the Egyptian streets erupted in protest of their government. The dissatisfaction of the Egyptians with the 30-year-reigning Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak became one of the top news stories overnight, thanks to media coverage as well as the buzz on social media sites.

Facebook played a huge role with an 80,000 fan, fan page. Twitter helped mobilize the protesters with the #Jan25 hashtag to refer the event. As these peaceful protests began to escalate, the Egyptian government quickly shut down the social networks and eventually shut down Internet access completely throughout the country.

How Social Media has Changed the World

In addition to redefining how people interact with each other, the social media movement has influenced many facets of our world. The Egyptian protest is just the latest news in an Internet movement that is undeniably powerful. It seems as though social media has become the new way for anybody and everybody to mass organize and work toward a cause, whatever that may be. If Facebook and Twitter can organize a nationwide protest, what else is it capable of?

The protest in Egypt even got the attention of Wael Ghonhim, Google’s head of marketing in the Middle East and North Africa. "A government that is scared of #Facebook and #Twitter should govern a city in Farmville but not a country like #Egypt#Jan25," tweeted Wael Ghonhim, Google's Head of Marketing for the Middle East and North Africa.

The fact that this statement is understandable by most of the world itself is a testimony to the power of Facebook. Most Internet savvy individuals are familiar with the Farmville game. By the way, "Farmville" refers to a game that allows Facebook users to manage a virtual farm. After the statement, Ghonhim went missing but has recently been released. Amidst the protest, the world say Egyptian leader Mubarak announcing that he would step down as president and so on, the story still unfolds.

One thing is for sure! Social media has changed the way we communicate and advertise. Twitter and Facebook have made it possible to become connected with millions of individuals around the world and to coordinate events & activities at an unheard level. Those who have been following the social media trend have been aware of its potential, but the Egyptian revolution is perhaps one of the largest and relevant events that it has directly influenced.

There’s really no telling where the age of social media will take us next, but for now, it’s clear that its power continues to grow. What will it do next?

Search Engine Optimization Blog: Why Should I Care About FaceBook, Twitter, or Whatever?

For some business owners, technology is passing them by as they are stuck in marketing meetings, revenue reviews, or whatever other daily to do's of business that ails them.  Or business owners are still waiting and watching to see how new media or digital media will affect them.

Businesses that don't get it, are going to get left behind in the dust. 

Why  you ask?

Cause social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing techniques of the new age. Digital marketing or social media marketing can provide global reach (or local if that's all you need), visibility, and brand awareness, which can catapult your company to new heights, if it is used properly. The quick tidbits posted on twitter hourly or daily and the Facebook posts positioning your brand can benefit your company substantially. Leveraging LinkedIn to connect with movers and shakers and decision makers can help grow your sales pipeline.

Business owners must understand the advantage that marketing on these social networks can bring their company. Not only are the media free to use, their daily usage can bring recognition, visibility and traffic to their company's website.

Business owners struggling to figure this out, beware!
Don't go to your girlfriend's niece because she understands it better than you. Using these services personally and professionally are two totally different things. Marketing your company poorly on a social networking site will get you recognized too, however not in a good way..I might add. 
Knowing how to find the right company to market your website to social networks is important and essential in developing your brand and getting visibility for your company. Millions of people are on these social networks and they're talking about their likes and dislikes and their recommendations……you simply need to tap into these conversations to see what you can do to meet the needs of people seeking your products and services.

Don't get left behind in the dust, the dust of your competition speeding by you that is. Leverage new media, combine it with traditional media techniques, and see how your company's visibility grows online!

Search Engine Marketing Blog: More Marketing on Twitter – Promoted Tweets?

Well duh! Finally! Twitter wants your money. Twitter has started advertising in our timelines to begin making money from its user base. Twitter has started offering  "promoted tweets" that are visible in a user's personal profile based on followers and interests.

In the past three years since Twitter's launch, this is the first monetizing strategy that has been implemented.

Twitter has 25 million global users and with these promoted tweets, advertisers can get access to them. Tweets will be clearly marked "promoted" so that they can be distinguished from other tweets. Twitter plans to tailor the advertisements to the interest levels of its users for more personalized marketing.

(P.S. FYI Twitter also charges Google and Bing over $10M a year to access its content and make it visible in search engines.)

Here's what a promoted tweet looks like:

promoted tweet

Search Engine Marketing Blog: Social Networking Not for You?

Companies are still not leveraging the power of social networking and the reasons include lack of understanding, lack of awareness of the power of social networking and perhaps the fear of the unknown.  Time and time again, I ask my prospects and clients "how many sales people do you have in your organization". And time and time again they give me a number that is much smaller than their company's total number of employees.  When I point out that each and every one of their employees is a "sales person", they are a bit embarrassed and also a bit perturbed as they never thought about it like that.

Companies are afraid to embrace social networking for more reasons than one. Most claim that they need to know the return on investment (ROI). This shows that their biggest reason for not embracing social networking is that they really don't understand the benefits. Companies are also afraid of employee abuse and not being able to determine who is doing what during company time.

The benefits of getting each and every employee of yours on social networks are many. Yes, there is potential for abuse too and I won't ignore that. However when employees are empowered, policies & procedures are put in place, and monitoring tools (kind of top video monitors for babies) are deployed, employee abuse can be managed appropriately.

Each employee can become a brand ambassador for your company helping build your company's brand awareness and brand visibility. By getting every employee trained on the various nuances of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks, your company will see an increase in connections & lead generation activity. And when each one of your employees engage with customers using social networks, you can build better customer loyalty and relationship.
Social networks become a great way for your employees to spread good PR about your company and its offerings. It also allows them to learn what's happening in the marketplace, see what your competitors are doing, and hear what the customers are saying. The fear of the unknown comes in when companies fear "negative" feedback from their customers who may choose to share their displeasure over something, on social networks. However, this is a great way to actually hear the negative feedback, offer a solution, implement a corrective course of action for the future, and turn the customer around to make him or her your biggest proponent.

And don't feel that you have to take the "each & every" recommendation to heart. It may be difficult to "train" each and every one of your employees to be a brand ambassador. There just may be a few employees whom you want to hide from prospects & customers due to lack of communication or "customer service" skills. By all means hide them for the greater good!

I believe that companies must embrace this new way of doing business or be left behind. Are you ready?

Search Engine Marketing Blog: AVG Protection for Social Media Websites too!

Hacking is real and lots of companies claim to offer real-time analysis and detection.

I read about AVG who has come out with a solution called "LinkScanner" which is a real-time scanning solution.  Basically, LinkScanner checks websites and shows you whether or not the sites you are visiting are safe or not. Whether you are surfing the web or shopping online or networking online various social networks, LinkScanner tells you whether those places are safe for you to provide your personal or private information to them.  You get real-time check and the protection is automatically activated for your safety.

It is available for PC and Mac.


Search Engine Marketing Blog: Social Media for Small Business

As a small business owner, you are either already on social networks or planning to get there soon. You probably already have a blog even though you may not be blogging regularly and you probably went ahead and created your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles even though you don't quite know how to make use of them or can't find the necessary time to do so.

But as a business owner have you considered your goals for getting on these social platforms? Most business owners just haven't understood the reason why they need to be on social networks. They give me reasons like "I know I need to be there", "my competition is there", "my kids tell me to be there" and so on and so forth.

Most businesses don't realize that by getting on social networks, what they get is brand awareness and visibility. That's the best reason to be there. These social networks allow businesses to constantly engage with others through conversations, share product knowledge, demonstrate their products & services, and basically dialog with people whom they've never met or perhaps have no hopes of ever crossing paths with.

When you do all of the above, over the long haul, it would make sense then that people would begin to become familiar with your brand and or product /service.

Another benefit of social media websites is that it is and can be a very good lead generation tool for most businesses, but especially so for the smaller ones. When people get to know you, they will ask you about your products or services and send quote requests. Some may refer people to you. The value of social networks aiding better search engine rankings also cannot be underscored enough.
Small business owners should be rushing over to these networks to make the most out of them to aid them in growing branding, visibility, and leads. Money should not be the reason that you don't go social. Just like ANY OTHER business need, small business owners need to create a budget line-item and leverage social networks to grow themselves and their brand.

Those businesses that still don't get it, will realize too late that their competition has raced past them to the finish line.