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Internet Marketing Promotion Blog: Do you like the Twitter Facebook App??

Ok so on Twitter, of course I'm following more strangers than I'm following friends. Maybe because some of my friends aren't on Twitter. Maybe because I don't want to follow friends on Twitter, I want to follow others who will become friends. But Twitter seems to think that instead of following strangers, people will find tweeting more fun if they can find their friends on Twitter. So they added a Find Friends feature which allows you to find Facebook and LinkedIn friends to Twitter.

You can find which of your friends are on Twitter using the Twitter Facebook. You can follow them instantly or add them to a list. Of course you can also post tweets directly to Facebook's pages when posting to your Twitter profile.

Twitter LinkedIn shows you which of your Linkedin connections are on Twitter. You can follow them and also post tweets on Linkedin.

Ok so! If you are my friend, now I can be your friend also on Facebook, and connect on LinkedIn, AND follow you on Twitter.

Uh but why do I NEED to connect with my same friend everywhere???

Social Media Blog: Social Networking is Social Brandcasting!

I call Social Networking, Social Brandcasting. Brandcasting means simply “casting” your brand out there in the social networks, period!

However many businesses are still not able to see the value of Brandcasting.

Brandcasting on Social Networks has the following key benefits
•    You can reach more people through popular sites like Facebook & Twitter due to the sheer volume of users each of them has

•    You can continuously promote your services and company events without spending any money on printing collateral, direct mail pieces, etc.

(Note: Although social networks are “free”, social networking is not free, but that’s a topic for another blog)

•    You can brag about yourself and your products or services and no one will think less of you.
You can do "horizontal" brandcasting which is to everyone and everywhere across the board, same message, same positioning. In horizontal brandcasting, you would use common messaging to promote generic messages about your brand or products and services.

Then you can do the "vertical" brandcasting where you position different messages on different platforms. In vertical brandcasting, you use different methodologies to reach different audiences. You may choose to reach a specific age demographic or you may target market using geographic area, etc.

The other important aspect of Brandcasting is the need to balance quantity (number of followers, fans, connections) with quality (what you say, how you say, and the persona you create of yourself or your company online, etc.). Quantity AND quality matter and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Brandcasting is a powerful strategy and social networks are the vehicle for executing that strategy to get visibility for your company or products and services. Isn’t it time you got started on your Brandcasting campaigns?


Social Media Blog: Why Use Twitter for Business

There are a lot of social networking sites out there. Facebook is right up there in my eyes (and in the eyes of about 500 million others) in terms of interactivity, ability to share content, comment on other people’s statuses, etc. etc.  LinkedIn is pretty good too and although it's getting a bit crowded with every recruiter and outsourcing company from India, it overall offers quality content in the form of connections and interactivity. I'm pretty opinionated so blogging fulfills the need I have to opine on things.

Then there are other platforms which I off and on play on; Google Buzz, Digg, Stumble Upon, et. all.

But Twitter is my absolute favorite networking site. Twitter provides:

  • total interactivity with multiple conversations all going at once
  • access to those companies or people that I want to reach now
  • global promotion of any content that I publish, period!

But know that I'm not "tweeting" just for fun! It's a business tool that we use to promote ourselves and our clients. Yep, you as a prospective client will love to hear about our "hassle-free campaign management services. But I digress.

What I want to convey here is that you as a business owner need to get on Twitter, now. 


Because Twitter allows you to:


  • Brag/showcase/share as much information as you want: We'll prove to you that it is the most “COST-EFFECTIVE way you can generate global visibility for your company
  • Engage with prospects and customers: If you have a customer service component, this is the best way to be “agile” and “responsive” to your customers. For all companies Twitter can be leveraged to reach those who are not as easily accessible through normal channels
  • Streamline the business development process: I mean how often in the past could you have direct access to the local governor, the top celebrity, the top TV show host, or the CEO of a company?
  • Identify alliance partners. Since everyone's talking about what they do and what they sell, what better way to identify alliance partners than browsing Twitter to find prospect alliances?
  • Create a referral network: Let's not forget the need for referrals. When people interact and form a "trusted" relation, referrals are just a step away.
  • Promote brand awareness: Yep, tell everyone who you are and what you do and why you believe in some cause and how you are a good corporate citizen. People want to hear this from you. By posting it on Twitter, everyone gets to read what you do and who you are.

Don't get me wrong. Facebook is wonderful. Twitter though is totally "now". Chat with multiple people all at once. Promote one message to thousands with just a simple click of the button. Request the forwarding of your message and voilà, several followers jump up to fulfill your request.
Twitter is fun; Twitter provides engagement galore; Twitter is good for business! It may be just my opinion but it's validated by millions!

Social Media Blog: Buying Twitter Followers? Really???

I keep getting these spam messages telling me how I can quadruple my Twitter followers in minutes. And a Google search reveals numerous websites giving you the option of BUYING Twitter followers. And all I can say is Really???

It's ludicrous and totally pointless to "Buy" followers. What would the point be again? Does anyone really believe that growing followers inorganically by paying for them will provide any value?

The whole purpose of social networking websites is having the opportunity to network with others online. Leveraging your network to spread your company mission, product and service information, and bragging about how good you are, are all relevant only when there's someone willing to listen, engage, and take some kind of action. When you buy followers, you see a growth in the number of followers but the end benefit is completely missing.

You wouldn't "buy" networking connections in a face to face networking session would you? Well then don't do it online either. There's no purpose to it. Be a smart social networker. Engage and pour your sweat and blood (not literally of course) to get noticed organically. Establish credibility through dialog and an exchange of ideas. Then and only then social networking will make sense AND provide a return on investment.

Social Media Blog: Why Search Engine Optimization And Social Media Marketing Go Hand-in-Hand!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means preparing your website for Search Engines. With Search Engine Optimization,a company website can be found in the "organic" or non-paid rankings of search engine results for various keywords. Not all keywords will result in your website being on the 1st or 2nd page of leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

I say that a website without Search Engine Optimization is like a car without gasoline. It's dead in the middle of the Internet superhighway, going nowhere, bringing no one to it, and doing nothing of much. When a website is optimized, it becomes the gasoline that allows the website to run on the world wide web.
Social Media Marketing on the other hand is a strategy used to share content, invite interactions, and communicate key messages about your company to get visibility. With Social Media Marketing you get a "buzz". Popular websites like Facebook and Twitter allow quick sharing of content which drives traffic and brand visibility.
To get succesful online, you cannot choose one or the other. When done properly, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing can help you maximize your online investment and increase your visibility.

Businesses doing only one or not doing anything with their websites have no chance of being found.

Social Media Blog: Should your business choose between Facebook and Twitter?

Business owners ask me which is better; Facebook or Twitter. I tell them that ideally they need to be on both. Here are the top three reasons your business needs both, Facebook and Twitter:

  • Very good viral marketing tool
  • Allows you to quickly share information
  • Content can be found in Google's search results
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Drives traffic to website when links are used
  • Distributes time-sensitive information fast and furious


  • Good for brand recognition, especially for recognized
  • Allows sharing a variety of content including photos,  links, videos, and more
  • Allows large number of followers and fans to market product and services.

A presence on both networks allows you to optimize your online presence. Don't settle for one or the other. Leverage both; Twitter and Facebook to get the biggest bang for your marketing dollars.

Social Media Blog: Get ready to leverage Social Networks like Twitter. It’s way past time if you aren’t leveraging social media marketing strategies to grow your business.

So Twitter's growing and recent statistics show that over 60 percent of Twitter registered accounts are from outside the US. Not surprising if you've been playing on Twitter and have seen the growth in your own non-US followers.

In addition to the fact that Twitter is available in several languages such asFrench, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish, I think that it's growth can be attributed to it's simplicity and accessibility.
If you are a US business owner, you are wondering how this can help you if over 60% Twitter users are outside your "target" market.
So then let's take a look at the numbers.


  1. Twitter has 50,000,000 (50 million) users
  2. Twitter has ~ 60% users outside of the US so US based Twitter users = ~ 20,000,000 (20 million)
  3. Twitter's active users are approximately 21% so US active* Twitter users = ~ 4,200,000 (4.2 million)
    *Active users are those who follow at least 10 people, have 10 followers, and have at least tweeted 10 times

Based on the above assumptions as a US business owner, you have access to 4.2 million users through Twitter. Agreed that every state has a different number of Twitter users.

But let's just assume that each state had an equal number of Twitter users.

That means that if you want a "local" audience, you have access to 84,000 Twitter users in your state alone. Drill that down further and especially if you are in a metro-area, you can safely assume that your audience is at least 50% of the 84,000.

Now think about how much money you are spending on the "local" yellow pages, direct mail, and local advertising campaigns. Then compare the "cost" of those traditional methods and then compare the cost of doing online marketing using experts (like us).

Have you arrived at the same conclusion that Ford, Dell, and other companies have arrived at?

It's a fact! Social networks provide GREATER REACH at LOWER COST.

It's time to move beyond the excuses like "no-time", "no-money", "no-skills" and it's time to outsource your social media campaigns to companies like ours who provide hassle-free management, lower cost implementation, and results. We've got your Internet Marketing needs understood and have finessed solutions that work.


Social Media Blog: Quality versus Quantity on Twitter

So when I talk about Social Networking, invariably the question comes up "Is quantity important or should we just focus on quality?"

Yes, quality is very important but so is quantity.

Why you ask?

Well, here are two logical reasons for your consideration:

  • Big numbers attract bigger participation: Right, wrong, or indifferent, people follow the leaders. If you have 10,000 followers (or fans or friends), people want to follow you because you appear to be "influential". Think about it for yourself; would you be more inclined to follow someone who has 2 followers or someone who has 2000?
  • Bigger numbers give you bigger reach: Say you have 5000 followers and you post a general tweet. Now say only two of your followers pick up the tweet and retweet it (repost it) for their followers. And say those two followers each have 5000 followers. That means that your tweet just got visible to 15000 people in a jiffy. Whether all 15000 read your tweet or not, it's there for people to see. That's huge! Your reach through social networks is dependent on the followers and friends in your network. The more you have, the bigger the reach.

So yes, quantity is an important dimension when conducting social networking. Focus on quality AND quantity and you'll see the benefits of social networking grow exponentially.

Social Media Blog: Mobile Users & Your Business

Smartphones, smartphones, smartphones. That's what's hot!!!

Smartphone users are using their mobile browsers to network on Facebook and Twitter. ComScore, a web metric reporting firm reported that there was an 8 percent jump in the usage of social networks using Smartphones in January 2010.

Facebook access through a mobile browser jumped to 112% and Twitter saw a 347% increase in mobile browser based access when compared to previous year's usage.

Now although Mark Donovan, senior VP of mobile at ComScore, thinks that this jump is attributed to the fact that since mobile users are constantly in touch with their network via phone, text, and email, networking on social networks is a natural next step.
See, now that's where I think differently. It's not just that people communicate with their circle of friends using mobile phones more and more. I think it's happening because smartphones are a great time-filler. I mean have you of late found yourself getting annoyed when someone's late? Instead, don't you just breathe a sigh of relief and think "oh, thank god, now I can go tweet"?

I know what I do when someone's late; I whip out my smartphone and first I check email, then I log on to my yahoo chat, then I go visit Twitter to read and tweet. The next thing I know, my late appointment shows up and all the fun ends. LOL

Social Media Blog: If Buzz not a Facebook or Twitter Rival, then what is it for?

Since Google Buzz's launch a few days ago, most people opined that Google's newest plan to engage in the social networking arena was to give Facebook and Twitter a run for their money. But Google VP of product management, Bradley Horowitz, assured critics & others that that was not their plan. Hmmmm…..

He said that Google's Buzz is focusing on creating "conversation" which is missing in most other social networks.

Double hmmm!
Horowitz emphasized that for Google's  Buzz conversation and engagement was the focus and it wasn't just about checking or updating status like people do on Facebook or Twitter. Google also plans to create services around that engagement and interaction.
OKAY! So the Buzz is different according to Google. But I just don't see the difference yet; at least not from the standpoint of engagement. I engage with people on Twitter. I do a lot more engagement with people on Facebook than I do on Twitter. I've checked out Google's Buzz and I see the same kind of opportunity to engage. Except now I can stay on the Buzz and also email people.

Anyone want to enlighten me as to what I'm missing that's so special about the Buzz that it fills a "market need"?