Social Media Marketing Blog: Creating Ambassadors for your brand

My kids think that this ad describes me perfectly:

But then what do they know about the power of tweeting. Let me share just a few simple examples:

After visiting a restaurant, when I share any photos taken there; my “friends” on Facebook and Twitter want to know more about the name and location of the restaurant. Some even let me know that they also enjoyed the restaurant thanking me for the recommendation.
Recently, I raved about’s customer friendly service after a hotel room purchase when one of their participating hotels wasn’t being quite as cooperative. After the tweet, numerous friends asked me questions like how often I use Priceline, wasn’t I scared about not getting what I wanted, etc. etc. I told each one of them how successful I was at getting great deals on hotels and car rentals.

Still not convinced social media marketing is for you? Then let me tell you what you are missing out on:

Conversations about you AND good or bad experience sharing about you. If you don’t monitor those conversations, how will you know how to proactively improve what’s broken on not working and spread the news about things that are working?

Get engaged today! Don’t worry if the kids make fun of you; social media websites are here to help you grow your brand and customer base.

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