Don`t Digg into My FaceBook!

Don`t digg into my facebook

So Digg has finally integrated with Facebook Connect and supposedly the online world is going ga-ga over this new functionality. Basically, if you are a member of either Digg or Facebook Connect, you now have the option to access the other and integrate the two identities. This allows you to have one identity to maintain it all and because that identity will be Facebook, you will retain your supporting profile information such as school, workplace, etc.

Cool stuff, right? Eh, not so fast!

Perhaps people DON`T want to blend their identities together. A lot of people want anonymity so that they may comments on something without ticking off a boss, co-worker, or even a family member. These people want anonymity so that they can just express an opinion without letting those same opinions affect their lives in a negative way. In this “information age of hanging all dirty laundry out in publich, you`d agree that getting fired or divorced because something you said wasn`t quite to the liking of your boss or spouse would be the pits.

I feel that “anonymity” encourages participation. I`ve found many simple and completely non-controversial comments on my blogs making me even wonder why they were anonymous. This leads me to believe that not everyone wants to be a “proclaimer” online, many just want to add their two cents to a discussion, while hiding behind a cloak of anonymity.

So I`m not quite sure how I feel with all this integration that`s happening between the various social media websites out there. I`m sure that those who want to remember only one password, one login, etc. are probably enjoying on this.

Personally, I`m not shy about posting comments but and although I`ve never resorted to anonymous opines on any topic, I certainly see how someone else could want to have the safety net that “being anonymous” brings to them.

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