Social Media Marketing Blog: Evolving Social Media Trends

Corporations will expand social media spend

Did you see Best Buy’s Twitter presence ( It leverages their employees to provide collective customer support on Twitter. It’s a cool way for a corporation to participate and still keep track of what their employees are saying on the social networks. Social media is scalable and is a good way for companies to connect with their audience. This trend will grow rapidly as companies uncover ways to manage online content while leveraging it fully.

Social Media promotions will grow fast and furious

There are a lot of sites offering incentives to people for participating and for spreading the word. Retailers will increase their online promotions as they are doing for the upcoming holiday season. Email coupons, free shipping, exclusive online prices, etc. are all expected to grow. And it couldn’t happen fast enough for people like me who want everything “online”.

Going Mobile with Social Media

I do more texting than before. I also find I do more “short” emails from my mobile phone as I try to keep up with my ever growing email box. Since everyone has a smart phone and since many smart phones provide the ability to broadcast to various popular networks, mobile social media will grow faster than any other technological trend.  This also means we can all look forward to more technologically advanced phones than ever before.

(I also think that smart phones would be a great work-around to remain connected for employees of companies who may still block access to social media sites in 2010.)

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