Facebook AND Neilsen = A winning combination!


Facebook wants your television advertising dollars. Yep, Facebook will end up stealing a lot of the television advertising dollars if its new program Brand Lift lifts off successfully (pardon the pun!).  Brand Lift will give advertisers the ability to measure their Return on Investment (ROI) for all the money they spend on social media ads, period!

Facebook’s Brand Lift product is being released in partnership with Nielsen, the company that provides metrics to marketers. Using Brand Lift, Facebook will poll users for ad awareness, brand preference, ad recall, and whether or not the user plans to purchase the product or service. Neilsen will then package that data and provide it to marketers.

Large brands have shied away from online marketing until now due to lack of monitoring methods to gauge the effectiveness of campaigns. With the launch of Brand Lift, Nielson customers will be able to measure the how well their ads are performing on Facebook. They will be able to do market research to determine who viewed their ads and who didn’t.  With Brand Lift, Facebook will attempt to woo it’s Fortune 500 customers away from Television and on to Facebook.

These advertisers will get immediate feedback through various polls which will be run to test how users reacted to the ads.  Asking users to respond to polls before and after being exposed to ad campaigns is not rocket science. In theory it makes a lot of sense but will it work?

We’ll know soon enough.

A few more months and you can begin leveraging the Brand Lift campaign yourself. Facebook continues to kick butt in the social media arena with these innovative partnerships. Anyone know what Myspace’s doing? (Now don’t say Myspace who!)

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