Facebook Route to Social Marketing – 2


In continuation to my last blog on facebook SMM tips,

5. Don’t ignore the recommendations: Facebook does a lot of spadework when it recommends friends. So don’t ignore that recommendation and initiate the dialogue with these suggested friends.

6. Be careful with the search parameters: on Facebook you can search friends. While attempting to do so, you will be required to put in keywords for your search. The right keyword will make it easier to reach out the target audiences. So use the right keywords like industry or department or location or hobbies and that should get you a well targeted listing.

7. Beyond adding friends: A network does not happens just because you have successfully added 10 names in your friends list. It seeks much more than that. In fact the real challenge begins after the initial legwork. Now you have to get really friendly with people on your friend’s list. This would require following up their activities on Facebook, commenting on the same and thus overtime building trust. Unless this happens, the long list of friends will not really be of much use.

8. Involve one and all: If the fan list is good enough to turn it in to a group, take the next step. Make a group of your target market and indulge all in common discussions. Post articles, submit links, add videos, create virtual events and thus encourage group participation. This however would only happen if your activities are considered useful by your group members, i.e. the content is considered valuable. So be careful with your posts. Lousy approach wouldn’t help for long.

9. Facebook is a continuous process: And so you must go on. This implies that regularly attention must be devoted. You can’t sit back because you’ve added a 100 friends. You have to be regularly involved and thus keep working on the network expansion. Consistency is the key.

Social marketing does not costs much, at least in monetary terms. All it seeks is quality time input. So while you spend on other marketing initiatives, include social marketing in the list as well. Dedicated effort in the direction of internet marketing will reward with excellent results and thus the desired business growth.

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