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Folks, let me tell you something, Stumble traffic is serious traffic. What I mean is that the visitors coming through StumbleUpon.com are the ones who are really interested in your website or blog and therefore that traffic is considered valuable traffic. The whole premise under which StumbleUpon.com operates is that it allows you to find interesting content on the subject of your choice.

It is assumed that if someone landed on a website by going through StumbleUpon.com then it`s only because they were interested in the content of the website they were visiting. So if you are the owner of the website being visited by a stumbleupon.com visitor, you have generated enough interest to intrigue that visitor.

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Once a stumbleupon.com visitor reaches your website, he or she then has an opportunity to rate you. The more positive votes or “thumbs-ups” you get, the more preferential treatment you will earn on StumbleUpon.com. That`s because as a reward for the numerous thumbsup you receive, the system will elevate your blog or article to feature it more prominently for other StumbleUpon visitors.

I know this is too clichéd, but I can`t help myself from saying “Content is King” and even more so on social media platforms like stumbleupon.com. If you can write well and present your information well, stumbleupon.com makes sure that your content gets enough visibility through their “thumbsup” system that it feels like you`ve arrived.

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