Social Media Blog: How are businesses using Social Media in the workplace? did a study of about 3000 professionals to find out how they are using social media. What’d they find?

  • Webinars and Podcasts were the most popular social media resources for business professionals (69% of the users who participated in the study relied on webinars and podcasts or business information).

    Nipa editorial comment: Makes sense; fast information, readily available; interactive.

  • Most popular social network? Facebook where 83% of the respondents maintain one or more profiles compared to only 45% who maintain profiles on Twitter

    Nipa editorial comment: Twitter didn’t make the list; again not surprising but I’m sure Twitter founders didn’t like these results.

  • These business professionals don’t like the thought about companies restricting access to social networks like Facebook and Twitter

    Nipa editorial comment: Now didn’t I just talk about this in a recent blog? Banning Twitter & Facebook instead of educating the users and training them to promote the company online is just foolhardiness. Yes, security concerns are valid but you know what; they can be managed with planning and foresight.

  • More than two-thirds of companies studied mentioned that brand awareness and brand reputation management would be considered metrics to measure success on social media websites.

There were other findings and if you really really really want to learn the nitty-gritty; go to: and read more.

Final Nipa editorial comment: I’m always excited to read about studies and then my excitement dies down when a study simply validates data that is well-known.

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