Hulu : Will It Storm The Internet Video World?

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Hulu is all set to be the new competitor for Youtube. Personally I have always been a great fan of Youtube. Therefore naturally I was curious about its competitor and have watched its progress with great interest. It seems that this video website that made its appearance a few months back has already built up a steady client base and has attracted millions of watchers. But first let me tell you what Hulu is all about.

Hulu is a site that is similar to Youtube and like Youtube it too offers streaming videos. Various videos from TV shows, videos of movies from popular networks like Fox, NBC are featured here. Hulu is a joint venture by the Fox Entertainment Group and the NBC Universal. Apart from NBC and FOX, the funding is also provided by the Providence Equity Partners. They have invested 100 million USD and hold a stake of 19%. ABC, on the other hand, holds 17% of the stakes. At present this site is available only for the people of America.

Now what I find interesting about Hulu is its fast growth. A recent research conducted by the TV Week has revealed that Hulu is all set to be a tough challenge for Youtube. Statistics revealed that in April 2009, Youtube had streamed 5.5 billion streams while Hulu had streamed 373.3 million. Though it may seem that the figures are wide apart, yet one should consider that since April last year, Hulu has grown at an unbelievable 490%. If this rate of growth continues Hulu is all set to catch up Youtube. That definitely is news for me and many other You Tube fans!

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