Internet Marketing Blog: A great cook makes it all look and taste good!

Putting together an effective marketing strategy is like putting together a great meal and serving it to your guests at a dinner event that you are hosting.

  • First, just cook it: When it comes to online marketing, that means creating good, quality content on a regular, frequent basis. It is tedious and time consuming but so is cooking an elaborate meal when you are expecting guests, right? So, making your visitors/guests feel welcome means making sure that they have something to feed on (read).
  • Then remember that presentation is everything: Would you eat a meal that was poorly presented to you? Before you ever taste a dish in a restaurant, don’t you look for the presentation that makes it all the more appealing? Well, the same is true for your website and the content that you create for your guests (visitors). So present your content to them in a way that makes visitors WANT to read it.
  • Lastly, note that variety is the spice of life: Guests at a dinner event want variety in their food choices. Some may like vegetarian dishes; others may want their daily protein in the form of chicken. People like choices. Similarly, when reading content or networking with you, people may wish to have options. Give them variety and options through multi-channel marketing by making content available in the form of blogs, videos, tweets, facebook posts, linkedIn group participation, press releases, and whatever will feed their fancy.

Do all this and see them come back for seconds and thirds. They will also stop and ask you questions through an online inquiry or forward your site to others because they want to share their find with others.
In short, a great marketing strategy is very similar to hosting a successful dinner event. To do both, you not need to have all the right ingredients, you also need to have the right cook who can make things look fancy, make people take action, AND bring them back for more.


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