Internet Marketing Promotion Blog: Search Engine Optimization Industry Challenges

A new client who came on board last week had the following challenges with their ex-web provider:

  • Received a BEAUTIFUL but disorganized website with information plopped in here and there and everywhere
  • Believed that their search engine optimization was being handled but received no rankings or ranking reports to demonstrate performance
  • Paid for paid marketing campaigns (PPC) but never received any reports showing keyword performance or ROI

I find all this quite perplexing. As a search engine marketing company owner, I know very well that what we sell is considered "loosy-goosy" because the client is not getting a physical product for their money. We sell marketing know-how essentially and the only tangible products we can offer are reports demonstrating performance of the campaign.
We have a tough time selling our solutions and know-how to begin with. But it becomes difficult when we have to prove that we are better than the last guy / gal who promised all the same things and never delivered. 
Come to think of it, I think others should keep non-performing! That way companies like mine can come in and demonstrate search engine marketing results that are tangible!

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