Making Social Media Marketing Successful!

I’ve been very active on Facebook and Twitter of late. Connecting with old friends, forming new relationships, bantering with perfect strangers, exploring business ideas with others, and driving the family crazy by being glued to the computer are all part and parcel of being an “Internet Social Bee”.

(And since we provide Social Media Marketing services to some of our clients, everything new that I learn, I pass it on to my team.)

But I’m finding that what to do and what not to do is a little bit intuition mixed in with observation of what others are doing. And observing what others are doing that I shouldn’t do.

So I read with interest, the story about Proctor & Gamble not doing so well in Social Media Marketing:

The author of the article states:

“So why is Procter & Gamble failing in the world of social media? Maybe, because they aren’t being social! Brands need to engage with real conversations, using real spokes people that are able to make personable connections with their target audience.”

And that my friends is the bottom-line!

The theory that applies to offline marketing is the same that applies to online marketing. So make your social media marketing successful by doing the following

  1. Connect, really connect with people
  2. Have actual conversations
  3. Don’t sell

Remember, the focus should be on building long-term relationships, rather than making a quick sale.