Making Twitter Work for you!

Without “tweeps” i.e. people on twitter, Twitter is nothing more than a blank page. A blank page … that doesn’t do anything for you.


So why not find some people on twitter and indulge in interesting conversations with them?



Twitter is a where you can share creative thoughts, spam people with mindless pontifications or discuss business topics. You can catch the news, listen to political viewpoints, see where the best sale is happening, learn who is doing what daily, and talk to people and essentially just feel like the world’s listening to what you have to say.



Staying updated couldn’t get easier than this. Once you get in the twitter flow, the sky’s the limit and the clock on your computer will seem like it’s moving double-time faster.



Twitter tools

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Finding the right kind of people to converse err tweet with is important. Getting the flow going is getting easier and easier with lots of free tools that you can use which we’ve researched and listed here just for you:


Twitter People Search: The fastest starting point is the Twitter’s people search. Here you can do a name search by entering the name of the person you are looking for and twitter will generate matching results. But keep in mind that Twitter does not mandates you or anybody else to fill in their actual names. So chances are high that the person you are looking for is not using the real name and thus is not there in the search results. Another aspect to note here is that there might not be much accompanying information and so you could be lost, especially if it’s a common name.



It’s quite bare bones from my perspective and I rarely use it.


Tweepz: Tweepz is a third party website which allows you to search for people using a number of search criteria like location, followers, bio, etc.



Not a bad site, however when I get around to using it, I’m more interested in reading the various profiles than following people who I find.



TweepSearch: TweepSearch is another third party web site which generates lists of people for your search based on person’s name or location. A username can also be used to search for people on tweepsearch. This site has better search parameters when compared to Tweepz. TweepSearch appears to however crawl a fewer number of profiles.



Not one that I use as much but it can serve a purpose I suppose.



TwitDir: This site is recommended if you are interested in popularity or top twitter lists. Other than that, TwitDir appears to be quite blah! Also like Tweepsearch, when compared to Tweepz, TwitDir searches fewer number of profiles.



I don’t use this website much.


Twellow: If you want to locate those who match your taste and style, category based search at this site is the key. Profiles here are categorized, not per say on your favorite color but on a number of other search criteria. Six million profiles can be searched using this tool and across various categories. An add-on is the local directory called “Twellowhood”.


Interesting concept and I like this site cause it shows so many creative categories.

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