Multicultural Marketing Blog: Postage Stamps for Indian Americans

An Atlanta-based company has launched a series of custom made stamps or rather "postages" featuring various Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Krishna, Laxmi, Ganpati, and Sai Baba are just a few of the Gods and Goddesses featured on these 44 cent postages.

What is interesting to me is that although the issuance of these stamps would be a huge "emotional" pull for Indian Americans, little if any buzz about these stamps is found anywhere. All I found was a few press releases announcing these stamps and a few others challenging the validity of these stamps.  And although the site has a "follow-us on Twitter" link & a Facebook link on their site, those channels are barely being used to promote these stamps to the people who could and would be interested in using these stamps.

Indian Americans are VERY internet savvy. Therefore Internet campaigns to get these stamps visible to the Indian American population would be highly successful. Also, outreach activities to create awareness among non-Indian Americans on the significance of having Laxmi devi (goddess) on a letter would also garner new customers wanting to buy these stamps.

Bottom-line: Market to your constituents and educate your non-constituents about the cultural relevancy of a new product or service. That's what differentiates successful product launches from not-so-successful ones.
NOTE: According to, these postages are valid for use even though they are not issued by the US Postal Service (USPS) because by law, custom postages are permitted in the US. I have however been unable to find any information on the USPS site or through any other google search that validates this claim.)

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