My Twitter Experience

Although I have had a Twitter account set up for quite sometime, I’ve only recently begun active networking on Twitter. In five weeks I’ve gone from having 5 followers to 203. Not that that’s something to be awed by because I know many who have thousands of followers.

But I’ve decided not to get hooked to the numbers game. When I sell online marketing, I preach to my clients that, “it’s the quality of traffic that counts”, and so using that same mind set on twitter, I focus on following people who seem interesting rather than everyone and their brother.

When I asked an individual why he wasn’t following me when I was following him, his response was “I don’t have time to follow everyone who follows me”. And I thought huh? Isn’t networking supposed to be a two-way street? And so, I follow people who see the value in following me. And if I follow someone whom I find interesting and find that they don’t follow me, after a few days, not matter how interesting they may be, I un-follow them. That applies to everyone, including “media”.

I may not be able to communicate one-on-one with every individual that follows me. However I make an attempt to scan their messages each time I’m back online to make sure that I can add some value while networking with them.
So how can I summarize my twitter experience?

I find that some people post funny stuff, some others are simply there to self-promote (not that that’s a bad thing) and then there are others who actually do attempt to conduct active networking with others. There are some who don’t respond to @messages and then there are others who post inane comments all day long. All in all, online networking is not much different from offline networking where you run into similar personalities.

And although I’m trying to balance my “followers” and “following” number, I find that some days, the numbers are completely skewed. Like today, I have 203 followers but I’m following 243. Go figure!

As far as time goes, I find that although posting a 140 character message doesn’t take time, it does take time to actively network with others on Twitter. No different than networking with someone offline.

My postings on twitter haven’t resulted in any real business yet, but I have formed some interesting connections and I had the pleasure of seeing one of my tweets scrolling on CNN last night – :).

All in all, it’s been fun “tweeting” and I plan to continue, although on a little less frequency. That’s because I need to go do some “offline” business development to continue growing my business.

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