Social Media Marketing Blog: New Terminology for the New Media Age!

“Unfriend” is a real word now; the New Oxford American Dictionary has “Unfriend” picked it’s 2009 word of the year.

If you play on any social media sites, “Unfriend” has a pretty clear-cut meaning; i.e. to remove someone as a friend. So now you can use “Unfriend” in sentences like “I’m going to unfriend so & so cause he is too nosy” OR “I decided to unfriend all work colleagues cause….”.

Personally I think the New Oxford American Dictionary should have chosen “Intexticated” as the 2009 word of the year. Intexticated means texting while driving (like intoxicated if you still didn’t get it).  I think Intexticated is SO apt and by creating more awareness about it, we can all start de-intexticating!

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