Online Marketing Blog: Cyber-Crime May be an Act of War Says the Pentagon!

Hollywood has long speculated and shown us how cyber crime could be serious. In our movies, we have become accustom to seeing the ultimate super villain not armed with guns, but with a laptop.

Well, it seems that Hollywood is meeting reality as the Pentagon has announced that hacking into the government is not only a crime, but can be considered an act of war.

Yep, a new way of looking things for sure eh?

For the first time, a hack can result in the U.S. dispatching military forces. Although the Pentagon said this is just to deter someone or something from attacking, it sure puts a whole new light on cyber crime and may even prevent the most experienced to think twice before hitting “enter.”

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, the Pentagon is thinking of taking an “equivalence” approach when judging how to punish such an attack. Personally, it’s like the old “eye for an eye” philosophy to me, but you will have to decide for yourself.

Basically, they are saying if a cyber attack’s by-products equal the same amount of destruction that a military attack could, then the Pentagon would be allowed to respond with military.

I know I have said it once already, but I suppose I’ll have to say it again. Cyber crime is serious. And, as our technology evolves, so will the rules and laws that bind them.

If even the Pentagon is taking action, that should tell us something. So, be careful. Think before you Tweet or Facebook.  Realize that a simple prank may not look so simple to Uncle Sam.

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