Social Media Blog: Here’s a job you don’t want to apply for – Cyber Criminal Executive!

I must admit that I had to stifle a chuckle when I first read an article about cyber criminal organization advertising for job opportunities online.

According to a security researcher Kevin Stevens of SecureWorks who presented his findings at a BlackHat conference in VA, two cyber crimininal organizations are seeking individuals who will have to infect computers with malicious code through spamming or online attacks. Basically all an employee would have to do is promote links that are infected with malware to lure users into clicking them and thus providing access to private data.

And get this, each "employee" would get paid $180 for every 1000 infected computers. Employees would be paid using online payment systems such as Western Union, Paypal, and others.

I know the economy is bad and jobs are scarce. But friends, trust me this ain't a job you want to apply for. Look for another opportunity. Please.

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