Social Media Blog: Integrating Social Media Strategy With Public Relations Strategy

Reporters love social media just as much as you and I do. Yep, a recent study conducted at the George Washington University showed that reporters are relying on social media sources when researching stories. 89% of surveyed reporters said that they use blogs for story research, 65% depend on Facebook and LinkedIn, and over 50% rely on sites like Twitter.

The logical step then for all business owners is to integrate their Public Relations strategy with their Social Media strategy.

Although reporters aren't going to simply rely on social networks for their stories, given that they are looking there means that your business needs to be there. Half the battle is won when you simply show up on social networks. The rest depends on how well you leverage the social networks to promote and brand your company and its products and/or services.
A comprehensive strategy is one in which all facets of marketing are covered. When implementing your social media strategy, to get a bigger bang for your buck, remember to integrate public relations with social networking.

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