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Marketing products and services online requires you to know how to connect with the target market. You need to employ strategies and tactics in order to survive. There are several ways to get your business known online. These involve development of your image and maintaining a good relationship with your customers. For any business, however, guarding that relationship is equally important.
Reputation management is all about having and maintaining a good name in the internet. Your reputation is of utmost importance. When you have a good reputation, your customers will trust you and your products. It will also attract other potential customers to you. It is unavoidable that false claims from competitors or situations with dissatisfied customers can lead to negativity surrounding your brand. This can lead to loss of business if your reputation is not managed proactively.
Reputation management means online brand management. Reputation management doesn’t just happen. It requires proactive tracking and monitoring of your name, your company’s name, and even tongue-in-cheek comments about your brand that may not necessarily be negative but also not be complimentary.
So how can you go about doing this?

Take preventive measures to protect you brand. If you see a negative comment about something related to your company, company’s products or services, or its employees, take proactive action by contacting the source. If you are unable to reach the source or the source is anonymous, post a response offering to speak with the source and offering an explanation or resolution plan.
Viewers or customers can be easily influenced by what they read about you no matter how true or false. So it is very valuable that you keep your response professional. Even if the accusations had validity, you should apologize and handle the feedback in a way that demonstrates your professionalism. Gracefully do offer a refund or replacement or a resolution that can make the source of the complainer satisfied with the resolution. Do not retaliate by angrily responding to the bad comments. Use the negative reviews as a means for you to improve and innovate in order to satisfy customers.
Not going online or networking online because you are afraid of negative consequences or of dissatisfied customers is not really a choice. It’s like saying, “if I don’t hear what my customers are saying, I won’t have a problem”. But that’s not how it works. First of all read the newest preview of Water Damage SEO and check some statistics.
Customers are going to complain even if you have done nothing wrong because of how they personally felt with you, your company, or your products/services. Perception is reality in many cases and so even if they perceive that you have a quality or brand issue, they will share their dissatisfaction with all who will listen.
Proactively identifying and resolving each individual situation to manage your brand should be your number one priority. Taking the complaints to heart and making changes within your company or product or service line should be the second number one priority.
Leveraging social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to share positive changes, testimonials from satisfied customers, successful resolutions from past dissatisfied customers, are all ways to manage your brand and enhance it slowly but surely.
Don’t avoid or underestimate the need to manage your reputation online. It is critical that you don’t just stop at brand management by enhancing your brand with positive messaging. It is even more important to first proactively fix your reputation which may have already been compromised due to a past situation or a past customer.
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