Online Marketing Blog: Show me the Money with Social Media Marketing

Whenever I talk to people about online marketing, “show me the money” is the phrase I often hear. People want proof it works.

Well, I have some— Movies, Egypt, Japan, Anthony Weiner, and so on. Enough said? Let me explain with the Movie example.’s list is out, and it includes seven movies that used viral marketing campaigns to promote their premieres. The list includes box offices hits like “The Dark Knight” to promising flops like “Snakes on a Plane.” The thing that remains constant about the films is that all of them have the money to show exactly how much digital marketing works.

So, how did they do it?

According their campaigns, the cause of success was intrigue and mystery. And, to me, that makes perfect sense. Those are the two big factors in a successful promotion. If you look at it from a business perspective, it’s always important to make whatever your selling something people can be curious about.

After all, you don’t just want to promote;; you want to generate a buzz.
Take the makers of “Paranormal Activity.” They attributed the success of their $15,000 film to social networks and rightly so. One of the things they did was simply encourage people to review their film in 140 character tweets. By leveraging applications like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube and dozens of others, “Paranormal Activity” was able to gross over $193 million.

Proving once again that there is literally no limit of what one can do with an online marketing campaign… whether it be for a small business or a low budget film. You just need to be able to invest in it to make it work for you. The old adage of "gotta give some to get some" works best here.

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