Online Marketing Blog: Social Media’s next victim – Congressman Anthony Weiner?

Thanks to New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, we now have WeinerGate. I’m referring to the tweet originating from Congressman Andrew Weiner's twitter account in which a photo of a man’s bulging gray underwear was tweeted to a woman follower and which was then retweeted to thousands of people.
Of course New York Congressman Anthony Weiner calls it a “prank”; he claims it resulted from someone hacking into his twitter account. Hmmm… convenient or truly a hacked twitter account????

Hacking IS a common issue on most social media sites. But was Congressman Weiner truly a victim of hacking? Or perhaps it wasn’t a hacked account that resulted in Weinergate. Perhaps he meant to share the photo privately with the one follower not thinking how easy it is for someone to just repurpose the information or retweet it. That’s the other problem with social media websites and putting things out there for others to see without thinking it through. Things can be taken out of context and there's not much you can do about it.

Talking about hacking, I can't underscore the importance of properly managing your online accounts. Hacking is a real issue and it can be prevented by regularly changing your password. Also, make sure that your password is a bit more complicated than your birth date, street address, or using common words like “password” as your password. Simple strategies like using characters such as $ or % in the password, using upper and lower case letters along with a number or two makes for a more sturdy password. The sturdier your password, the better protected your online activities.
Criminal activity on social media websites continues to grow. But then so does stupid behavior on social media websites. Why is it so difficult for people to curb the instinct to bare everything in public? Why do people not realize that once it’s out there, it’s out there???

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