Search Engine Marketing Blog: BitBop: Streaming, Full-length TV Shows for Androids

Wow! What will they think of next if all these new apps will get unveiled in 2010?

If you want to watch full-length TV shows from various networks and productions, Bitbop is the answer. Bitbop has unveiled an Android  application which will provide users with streaming, full-length TV shows over 3G or Wi-Fi. This Android App is available for most Androids and there's also a Blackberry version.

Similar to Hulu you say? Yep, it sure is except that for now, Bitbop offers two features that makes it more attractive over Hulu: you can download or stream shows (Hulu only allows streaming) and the content is commercial-free (Hulu has advertisements on some shows).

Bitbop offers a free trial for seven days and after that costs only $9.99 per month. Cheaper than cable or satellite TV eh?


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