Search Engine Marketing Blog: Facebook-nama

Here are some interesting tidbits which have been published by others and collated by me. Sort of like a mini Facebook-nama (remember Shah-nama where the stories were collected but not invented by the author). So here goes:

  1. Corporate which uses Facebook the MOST: Microsoft. This is based on their frequency of posting and number of employees
  2. Amazon, ebay, Google, and Walt Disney round up the top five users – (Credit: NetProspex)
  3. Loss of productivity in the workplace due to Facebook is estimated at approximately 1.5%. If you are an employee, you're thinking "ah, that's a small number" but not when you calculate the sum total of say even 1000 employees.
  4. If you are searching for a job, better to be on Facebook than on LinkedIn because apparently that's more used for researching candidates than LinkedIn is! Surprised?  (Guess what this means to you if you are posting videos and pictures that are oh not-so-kosher? Yep, loss of a job interview cause hiring managers absolutely do not want to see you drinking in your undies at a party and boasting of a DUI; although your qualifications may be top-notch)
  5. Over one-fifth of Facebook's 500 million users access Facebook through their mobile devices including yours truly.
  6. There are over 1.5 million corporate profiles or pages on Facebook.
  7. Greater than 13% of US traffic to portals like Yahoo, AOL, and Bing comes from Facebook
  8. Average time spent by consumers on Facebook? 40 minutes per consumer per day.
  9. Average time spent by people on Facebook in a given month? 700 billion minutes!
  10. US brands, this is perhaps the MOST important statistic for you. US Facebook user number? Approximately 166 million people.

So, if you are a US brand and you aren't awed yet by the number of users, amount of time spent, and the reach you get with Facebook, call me so that I can pontificate some more about the rest of the social networks and WHY you need to be online NOW!

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