Search Engine Marketing Blog: Google Trouble Not Surprising

I'm not surprised. The more we share online, the more we open ourselves to privacy invasion, inadvertently. So upon reading that Google has admitted to privacy violations, I wasn't much surprised. Yes, I realize that the violations occurred when Google street cards "inadvertently collected" unencrypted personal data, the key phrase being "inadvertently collected".

No one really knows how deep the violations go and how far spread out they are geographically but apparently countries like Spain, Germany, and France along with attorney generals from 30 states in the US have gotten involved in delving into this fiasco at Google.  Google has admitted to capturing passwords, emails and even banking information in some cases. Google has offered to delete the data but needs permission to do so once the investigation is complete.

Google indicated that it planned to delete the captured data as soon as possible, but would wait until regulators gave permission for the deletions – most likely, after investigations are completed and closed.

Yes, of course the company was mortified and yes, of course Google will face international probes into their privacy practices. Google also stated its plan to implement better privacy and security procedures, blah, blah, blah.

Bottom-line, these privacy violations are going to become more and more frequent. No one will be protected as we get more and more deeper into this social media & technology quicksand. Protect yourself and your information with every tool you can get. Separate your online usage for professional reasons from your "private" usage to lessen the risk of privacy violation.

This is the digital age and with it comes privacy problems unlike what we've seen before.

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