Search Engine Marketing Blog: I Don’t Think Social Media Marketing is for My Field!

If I had a dime, or rather make that a quarter,  for every time I've heard "I don't think Social Media Marketing" makes sense in our field/business, I'd be a RICH woman!
Ok so first, let's look at the facts. Facebook and Twitter are two of the MOST popular social networking websites that are being used globally. Not only are these websites good for keeping in touch with family and friends, these websites are a modern day tool help promote your business or yourself.

Social networking websites are JUST ANOTHER MEDIUM for sharing, spreading and promoting news and information about you, your company, and your product or services. They are NO different than the use of newspaper advertisements, billboards, radio commercials, television commercials or attending networking events. Just like the aforementioned media, social networking websites offer companies the opportunity to reach an audience who may include their prospects.

It's that simple! Why then do companies still think that this doesn't apply "to our field"?

My question back to them when they make this statement to me in a sales call is "Are you looking for new customers". They look at me blankly and say "yes, of course".  If they are looking for customers, why don't think they social networking websites are applicable to their business? Ok, so perhaps there aren't that many people on Facebook looking for say "rubber hoses" or "fuel gages", atleast not yet. But they will soon because companies know that to reach a global audience, there is no cheaper, better, faster tool than the internet and there is NO other media that offers as global a reach and as instant a reach as social networks.

Living in "Automotive town" MetroDetroit, I realize that it's difficult to convince the benefit of social networks to tier one and tier two automotive suppliers who in the past had all their business coming from the Big Three. But the Big Three aren't buying enough anymore and it's time to diversify offerings and extend a more global arm to find new customers and prospects.

It's time to leverage social networks my friends and it doesn't matter what industry you are in, you need to showcase your company, your products, and your services on social networks so that you are visible when prospects come a-searching!

Every one of your employees' is a sales person. Every one of them needs to be not only know how to navigate social networks but also to advertise your company's offerings on it, whether they are at home on a personal computer or at work.  Blocking employees from accessing social networks is like biting your nose to spite your face. Instead, it is so much more effective to set up a corporate policy on social networks, train employees on do's and don'ts, monitor productivity and their online activity in a simple organized fashion, and leverage the power of having each one of your employees telling the world how great you and your company's offerings are. If you are still worried that not every employee can be managed or monitored or will behave appropriately online, select a handful of employees to do your networking in addition to having a dedicated team or an external supplier (like us).

But the bottom-line is this. If you aren't on social networks yet, it's not a problem yet. But if you aren't thinking of getting on social networks in the near future, it'll be a problem for sure. That's cause your competition is either already there or thinking about getting there. Don't believe me? Look around and drop me a line if you don't find ANYONE from your field somewhere online.


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