Search Engine Marketing Blog: What’s the point with Facebook Places?

My Facebook status shows my around the world "friends" checking in from Costco, Singapore airport, some bar and grill, etc. etc. I am then totally apprised of what they are up to.

I'm sure you heard about Facebook Places. And f you are a savvy social networker and an iphone user, you've probably already used Facebook Places. If you use your iphone app to access Facebook, a new option for "Places" will be presented to you. You can choose from a various venues presented to you and "check in".

Friends can check you in too, assuming you've agreed to use the service. Or you can say prevent friends from checking you in or disabling that feature completely. Each time a friend checks you in, you'll get notified.

So what's the point of all this "Check-In" activity?

Well, from a Facebook perspective, Facebook wants you to share everything. Who knows what else they'll come up with so that more and more "sharing" happens, lol.
And from a "marketing" perspective, this is great information right? People are sharing information and using the site and there's data galore available to figure out preferences by gender, age, etc. For business owners, leveraging the power of Facebook to promote their company's offerings to people who'll tell people who'll tell people.

So are you ready?

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