Social Media Blog: Looking for a Job? Then Think Twice Before Posting on Social Networks

I don't know what it is that makes people want to "tell-all" on social networks. Why oh why do you have to tell people about thing that are best kept secret? And when you are looking for a job, social networks may become your biggest enemy if you love to tell all.
You know that Facebook is one of the biggest social networking sites with over 400 million active users. And you should know that employers are leveraging the power of social networks to find out more about potential and current employees.  So what are some "don'ts" on social networking sites like Facebook?

  • First impressions can be lasting: Hide those photos that show you totally drunk or behaving inappropriately. Ask your friends NOT to post pictures of you online without your permission.
  • Quit whining online: Complaining about how tough life is, what an ass your boss is or how difficult it is to work at your current employer is not going to win you any brownie points with potential future employers.
  • Beware what your status updates share: Ummm obviously you don't want to be constantly updating your status during work hours. Nor do you want to talk about missing deadlines due to planned parties or vacations. Bosses don't like stuff like that and neither do prospective employers
  • Use your privacy settings:  Make privacy setting updates your priority. Check and recheck who can see what information on your profile so that you are protected.

Beware and be smart. If it can land you in jail or unemployed, don't post it online.


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