Social Media Blog: Social Networks Changing Our Cultural DNA?

I read today that a 16 year old filed a "hacking" complaint against his mother. Apparently, this 16 year old from Ark forgot to log off the computer and his mom decided to log in and check into what he was doing as well as allegedly wrote things on his wall which could be "slanderous".

Hmmm….How many things are wrong in this story?

In the first place, what's apparent is that there's no trust between the mother and her 16 year old son. If there was trust, there would be no need to "hack" in. Also,if the kid forgot to log out, is that really called hacking?
So parents shouldn't check up on their kids because that'd be a violation? What if the 16 year old, MINOR, was being cyber stalked? Next thing you know, kids will begin complaining about that phone that allows parents to geotrack their kids. And why would the kid need to go to the courts is totally beyond me.

And as far as the mother goes, why any mother would have to resort to breaking in is beyond my comprehension. And even if she had to do "secretive" monitoring, why would she herself post something that would be slanderous to her own child?
Yes, I know this blog is not on a "business-related" topic but as a parent AND a social media practitioner, this news item really really bugged me and I wanted to report it so that other business owners who are parents take note and know their rights…..

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