Social Media Websites for Business Networking

So you want to start marketing using social media websites? You’ve begun to do a little bit with and And you know all about Facebook and Myspace.

There are so many sites out there, but which ones would be best for business networking?

Well here is my first list of five networking sites which can provide business benefits

1. Digg it ( A very popular social news website which covers pretty much all topics you can imagine. It also has a separate video and image section.

Social Media Marketing

2. Stumble Upon ( StumbleUpon discovers web sites based on your interests with a personalized engine which learns what you like, and brings you more

Social Media Marketing

3. Small Business Brief ( This site focuses on small business news. It covers topics such as marketing and sales, website development, management and entrepreneurship

Social Media Marketing

4. Hubspot ( Social news site for marketers, entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Social Media Marketing

5. PlugIM ( PlugIM is an internet marketing community site which covers topics such as search engine optimization, business and marketing.

Social Media Marketing

I’ll provide more lists in upcoming weeks. Do check these sites out and provide feedback on what if any benefit you’ve gained from using them.

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