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Search Engine Marketing Blog: To Blog or Not To Blog

To blog or not to blog!

Well, here are two key reasons to get off the fence and begin blogging:

  • Building Traffic, Links, and Rankings: Search engines love content. The more content you publish, the better your website will fare in search engine results. Blogging also builds traffic to your website and link backs when others who read you blog link back to your website. Links and traffic continue to play a big role in building better rankings too.
  • Establishing Expertise: Using a blog, you can show your expertise and insight into a particular topic. When your prospective or existing customers read your insights, you benefit from their positive perception of you and your company as a solution provider in your field of expertise.

And when you blog, remember to use a blog utility that is within your website and not external. Remember, the idea is to build traffic internally not send that traffic to another site. Blogger and Word Press platforms offer the opportunity to blog for free on their platforms. But neither of them need the traffic! Your website does. So spend money on getting a blog utility installed within your website and start blogging today!