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Multicultural Marketing Blog: Coca Cola’s Year Long Engagement with Ethnic Communities

Brands are paying more and more attention to ethnic consumers of late. Brands like Coca Cola have taken multicultural marketing to heart and according to Coca Cola's Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Katie Bayne, Coke plans to focus more and more on multicultural Americans between now and 2020.

Coke’s CMO also pointed out that Coke is no longer focusing on event based marketing. Meaning it is not just targeting Hispanics around Hispanic events or African Americans during the Black History month.

Now this makes a lot of sense right?

Ethnic consumers don’t just make buying decisions a few times a year. They are buying year long and so engaging with them every day is the right thing to do. Wonder why no one got that until now?

Increasing the attention paid to multicultural or ethnic consumers is a smart marketing strategy. Brands are already finding out that ethnic marketing impacts the bottom-line with significant gains in sales and market share.