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Search Engine Marketing Blog: Your very own FourSquare iphone App!

I'm no developer but I keep track of all these cool technology things that are happening around me.  Well, I just read about a do-it-yourself iphone app platform called Bizness Apps.They launched an app feature recently using which businesses can create their own check-in coupons using their iphone app. It would be similar to foursquare where you can check into a particular location and unlock coupons created by that business. Business owners can completely customize the coupons and edit them real time.

It works like this. When you check into a business location, you receive a reward coupon for your various check-ins. So you can get rewarded for your 10th, 25th, 200th, whatever check-in and this is customized by each business so different businesses may have different rewards created. The coupons show up as an image in the iphone app and are deleted when used by the business owner who issued the coupon in the first place. No need for clipping coupons or remembering coupon codes.

These coupons are simple, efficient, cost-effective and allow businesses to show build brand loyalty with customers by rewarding them as often as possible. And you know how viral marketing works so you know that once a person sees the value, the word will spread to his or her network of family and friends and the next thing you know, the business will gain new customers from such a simple app.

Business owners can create their coupons very easily. You basically create a free account and begin creating your application and have something ready in 20-30 minutes. Once it's ready, you'll have to pay to launch it in the itunes app store and you pay Bizness Apps $39 per month for hosting and maintenance of the iphone application you just created.

iphone applications are simply genius. They allow people to immediately connect with others using their respective iphones, engage with others, and essentially simplify things that are so mainstream to us currently but when looked through the iphone look cumbersome and archaic.