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Social Media Blog: Buying Twitter Followers? Really???

I keep getting these spam messages telling me how I can quadruple my Twitter followers in minutes. And a Google search reveals numerous websites giving you the option of BUYING Twitter followers. And all I can say is Really???

It's ludicrous and totally pointless to "Buy" followers. What would the point be again? Does anyone really believe that growing followers inorganically by paying for them will provide any value?

The whole purpose of social networking websites is having the opportunity to network with others online. Leveraging your network to spread your company mission, product and service information, and bragging about how good you are, are all relevant only when there's someone willing to listen, engage, and take some kind of action. When you buy followers, you see a growth in the number of followers but the end benefit is completely missing.

You wouldn't "buy" networking connections in a face to face networking session would you? Well then don't do it online either. There's no purpose to it. Be a smart social networker. Engage and pour your sweat and blood (not literally of course) to get noticed organically. Establish credibility through dialog and an exchange of ideas. Then and only then social networking will make sense AND provide a return on investment.